13 Seats in Congress, 70 Candidates on the Ballot

13 Congressional Seats
24 Democratic candidates
43 Republican candidates
3 Libertarian candidates

The list of candidates for Congress from NC is now final, with D and R candidates in every race.

- David Price (D-NC-4), Virginia Foxx (R-NC-5), and Mike McIntire (D-NC-7) are the only incumbents without primary challengers.

- There are 11 Republican candidates for the NC-9 seat that Sue Myrick is walking away from. It ought to be fun seeing who can get the farthest to the right in that crowd. The same can be said for NC-11 (Shuler), which has 8 Republican candidates.

Even with a gerrymandered map, we got Democratic candidates in every race.

How many of them are gonna win?

In cases where there are primaries, which candidates should progressive Democrats support?

Should any of the 7 incumbents with primary challengers have to worry?

Did the GOP draw the perfect map, or did they make their incumbents vulnerable?

The list:

Dan Whittacre (D). G. K. Butterfield (D-Inc)
Pete DiLauro (R)
Darryl Holloman (LIB)

Toni Morris (D), Steve Wilkins (D), Jim Bibbs (D)
Renee Ellmers (R-Inc), Sonya Holmes (R), Clement F. Munno (R), Richard Speer (R)
Brian Irving (LIB)

Erik Anderson (D)
Walter B. Jones (R-Inc), Frank Palombo (R)

David Price (D-Inc)
George Frank Hutchins (R), Jim Allen (R), Tim D'Annunzio (R)

Elisabeth Motsinger (D), Bruce G Peller (D)
Virginia Foxx (R)

Tony Foriest (D)
Billy Yow (R), Howard Coble (R-Inc), Bill Flynn (R)

Mike McIntyre (D-Inc)
Ilario Gregory Pantano (R), David Rouzer (R), Randy Crow (R)

Larry Kissell (D-Inc), Marcus W. Williams (D)
Richard Hudson (R), Scott Keadle (R), Vernon Robinson (R), Fred F. Steen II (R), John M. Whitley, (R)

Jennifer Roberts (D)
Andy Dulin (R), Jon Gauthier (R), Ric Killian (R), Edwin B. Peacock III (R), Jim Pendergraph (R), Michael Shaffer (R), Mike Steinberg (R), Dan Barry (R), Ken Leonczyk (R), Robert Pittenger (R), Richard Lynch (R)
Curtis Campbell (LIB)

Patsy Keever (D), Timothy Murphy (D), Terry Michelle Bellamy (D)
Ken H. Fortenberry (R), Patrick McHenry (R-Inc), Don Peterson (R)

NC-11 (OPEN)
Tom Hill (D), Hayden Rogers (D), Cecil Bothwell (D)
Jeff Hunt (R), Mark Meadows (R), Chris Petrella (R), Kenny West (R), Ethan Wingfield (R), Spence Campbell (R), Susan Harris (R), Vance Patterson (R)

Matt Newton (D), Mel Watt (D-Inc)
Jack Brosch (R)

NC-13 (OPEN)
Bernard A. Holliday (D), Charles Malone (D)
George Holding (R), Paul Y. Coble (R), Bill Randall (R)



"Even with a gerrymandered

"Even with a gerrymandered map, we got Democratic candidates in every race."

Have you seen any Democratic maps from the past 20 years?