How to bring more prominent liberals to UNC

Check out the article How to bring more prominent liberals to UNC from Tom Jensen on OrangePoltics. Originally published in the Chapel Hill Herald on September 9th, 2006.

I figured folks over here at BlueNC would have some ideas on how we can get more nationally known liberals speaking at UNC.

One interesting quote as to why there are more concervative speakers at UNC recently, ‘One conservative leaning teacher’s not going to get everybody talking, but you get these other people in … and they’re successful because it’s not the norm,’ Rutledge said." I don't know about you but I see lots of concervatives on campus. Not just Republicans either.

My idea is to invite RADICAL leftists to speak at UNC. People that drive concervatives crazy. Its seems this strategy to get attention goes both ways. I'd like to see Noam Chomsky. But I bet Hillary Clinton would make campus republicans froth at the mouth more. How odd...


One of the reasons that there were bigger conservative names UNC Law was that the conservative money machine is just set up so much better than ours. That is, when our ragtag chapter of the Federalist Society wanted to bring $5,000 Ann Coulter to speak, the money was there.


The Citizens for Higher Education PAC can dish out hundreds of thousands of dollars to NC politicians to pull strings for out of state athletes at UNC but they couldn't part with 10K for someone who actually knew something about politics?