Stanly County has a complete Democratic slate

I've just received an email that Stanly County has a complete slate of Democratic candidates for the May primary. That incudes two Democratic challengers and two Republican challengers to the two incumbent Republican Commissoners. This could be interesting! (No, James, Alcoa is not behind it.)

They're promoting their facebook page:!/pages/Stanly-County-Democratic-Party/345610325471070

I like the Inside Stanly blog: This is the best example I've ever seen of a blog that posts everything, without bias. If you want to know what's going on, they've got it.

Updated list of candidates:

Larry Kissell (D)
Marcus Williams (D)

Gene McLaurin (D)
Daniel Wilson (D)

Gail Williams (D)
Kevin Furr (D)

Jim Lisk (D)
Tracey Wyrick (D)

Darrell Jernigan (D)



Turn Stanly County Blue!

I hope in days (and nights most of all) to come this great news helps you get some sleep. It is great to see when more than one human being runs for an office. I have been worried that since the Supreme Court said corporations were people that they would start popping up doing people stuff, like running for office or running lemonade stands on the corner. I think only people should do that, and mostly only little kids under like 10 or so. It is kind of creepy when an old guy runs a lemonade stand. Old guys can blog about lemondae stands, like me. But running them is for kids.

I would like to get some kids to run a lemonade stand to help these great candiadates fund their campaigns. Since they have all refused to take money from Alcoa just like you they are going to need some walking around money from somewheres.

Do you know any lemonade stand kids in Stanly County you can get to volunteer? I can supply the lemons and the sugar. You can get the cups and the ice. We can get the water from Badin Lake, cause that's clean as a whistle's whistle. Working together, we can turn everyone in Stanly County blue in no time.

Drink Badin Lake Lemonade: Turn Stanly County Blue!

(That could be our t-shirt slogan-although Blue NC might need a cut-check with James)

We would sell them along with the lemonade and give the kids a quarter. I know a guy with a silk screen setup in a carport and a shed. It will get the job done and save us money for for these great new blue guys!

Waiting to taste some Badin Lake Lemonade,

Lazlo Toth

can you tell a stereotype from reality?

I suspect it will be the incumbents who get a lot of outside funding, not that they can't always go to their personal banker. When the finances are reported, why don't you make a point of looking. I've looked up Alcoa's contributions nationally. A few, nothing big, nothing in North Carolina. Politically, they're not a Bank of America or a Duke Energy.

One of the Democrats running is Jim Lisk, former editor of the Stanly News and Press, present editor of the Inside Stanly blog. He's been so careful to remain neutral that I don't even know where he stands. I defy you to accuse him of anything to anyone from Stanly County. He is above reproach.

I'd better get in before I violate the curfew you've set.