Weekend wound up

Waiting on Kay.

Being a pro-business Democrat is a good thing; being a corporate-owned Democrat, less so. Working with leadership to better serve North Carolina is a good thing; responding "how high?" when party bosses and well-paid alums tell you to jump, less so.


Hagan falls behind Burr on this one -- ridiculous

According to Open Congress, Burr is opposing the upcoming PIPA vote in the Senate next Tuesday, but Hagan hasn't declared yet.

Sheer insanity. Hagan staff, get ahead of this train!

A great left & right opposition summary is available at Firedoglake. The article included blurbs from the National Review and Matt Yglesias.


I am not at all sure that a

I am not at all sure that a batcrap crazy Republican would be any worse than Hagan. Hope she enjoys her run in her DC digs because she will retire in 14 in Florida.

Looks like the May(be) primaries

are on. Now the only question is: What will the districts look like ... and how much of a clusterfuck will ensue because no one knows where they're supposed to vote?

O-No! has the story.

Does this mean the Republican

Does this mean the Republican gerrymandering is now set in stone and we're screwed for 10 years or is there a chance the court can give us fair districts?

It's inconclusive still. But

It's inconclusive still. But not very reassuring. Part of the decision was based on the timing in making the case for the delay.

Said another way, there's always time to do it again (in ten years) but not enough time to do it right in the first place. That was Phil Berger's line on why we didn't have an independent redistricting commission.

Those GOTP guys don't give a shit about doing the right thing. It's just another part of Art Pope's Power Play.

Truth & Hope Tour

Sorry for the phone camera quality, but wanted to share a few pics from the NAACP/NC Justice Center/UNC Poverty Center stop at Elizabeth City State University during the Truth & Hope Tour highlighting poverty issues in the region. It was a packed house, and the most crowded stop on the tour to that point.