NC-10: Let's clean up the mess in Washington!

In case you haven’t heard yet: I’m in. I’m officially running for United States Congress!

I decided to run because I believe now is the time for bold new leaders to take over and clean up the mess in Washington. The philosophy that I’ve governed with as Mayor of Asheville is the same I will take with me to Congress: grow, when it’s time to grow; cut, when it’s time cut; and lead when it’s time to lead.

North Carolina is ready to see change in Washington, but we won’t be able to do that if we keep sending Republicans like Patrick McHenry back to Congress. If we don’t act, we’ll never see different results.

Take a moment to watch our introduction video and learn more about our campaign for Congress!

As Mayor of Asheville, I know that I had to get results to be a good leader. That’s why I worked across party lines in the past to have a balanced budget in our city that ensured our taxes stayed low and our services weren’t too slim. It took working together with people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and yes, political parties to get it done – something that our elected leaders in Washington are unwilling to even try.

It’s time for a change and that has to start right here in North Carolina and right here in the tenth district.

I’m ready to take my experience and my leadership in problem-solving to Washington, but in order to win I’m going to need your help. Our plan is to grow a people-powered campaign that is built by friends like you, not the special interests and certainly not those wealthiest one percent that’ll be funding McHenry.

I’m going to need your help in order to build the kind of campaign we’ll need to win the primary and the election in November. Click here to take a moment and visit our campaign website!

With your help, I am confident we can turn the tide and elect a strong new leader to serve us in Congress.

Thank you for everything,

– Terry


One question:

Are you pro choice?

Thanks for the reply

I liked my answer better than yours, but I appreciate your honesty.

In a world of limited resources, my wife and I limit our political contributions to candidates who will absolutely defend the right of a woman to choose abortion based on her own judgment about what is good for her and her family.

Like it or not, your desire to get on with restoring the economy won't allow you to avoid casting votes on matters such as abortion and same-sex marriage. Thanks for being clear where you stand on those issues.

It's good to know

what you'll focus on, but members of Congress also are required to cast hundreds of votes every year. If an Amendment were put forward (not by you) that called for the de-funding of this or that organization or program due to abortion-related issues, would you vote for it?

Along the same (voting) line, would you have voted to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell?

It may seem unfair to ask you about votes you weren't there to cast, but it really is one of the only ways for people to know what you'll do if elected.

Good answer.

You have your priorities in the right place. The focus needs to be directed towards the economy. I agree with your position on abortions.

Would also like to know...

What safeguards would you put in place to make sure you don't become beholding to any donors? What is your philosophy on campaign finance in general?



I am trying to build a grassroots campaign by reaching out to small donors to fuel my campaign. I want this to be about the people, not big donors or the special interests.

where do you stand on marriage equality?

Thanks for posting on bluenc, im always a fan of candidates being accessible on blogs and social media. Where do you stand on marriage equality?

Same-Sex Marriage

My faith informs me that marriage is between one man and one woman. However, I believe that the role of the constitution is to protect our rights, not deny them. Therefore, I oppose the proposed constitutional amendment. It's time we reject the politics of division and focus on the issues and policies that can heal our economy and move this state and nation forward.

Thanks for the response

Thanks for the response, thanks for posting on Blue NC which as I said before earns instant extra accessibility points with me for any candidate for office who does, and thank you for opposing the marriage discrimination amendment.

We need more dedicated public servants to step up and try to put right all the wrong that is going on in the world today. And good on you for being willing to step up.

I also wanted to respond to your thoughts on marriage. I think you get that the government shouldn't be about denying rights, as you said. But the word marriage is so deeply embedded in our civil code, that to be against marriage equality while being for equal rights, is an inherently contradictory position even if it's not obvious at first. I appreciate that your faith informs you one way on this issue. For others it informs them in the other direction.

If faith is the deciding factor, then who comes down to, who has the right take on religion, and who has the wrong one, and that isn't something the government should be deciding. There is room for churches to decide what marriages they will and wont perform and recognize, while the government separately recognizes the civic marriages of all couples.

The word marriage so often determines things like end of life decisions, inheritance, getting health benefits coverage, being able to share car insurance, being able to easily change your last name after marriage, hospital visitations, whether or not the government will deport your spouse from a foreign country, whether you can live together in certain apartment complexes that have limits on the number of unrelated individuals living together, and so many other things in our society that to be against marriage equality is to be against equal rights.

I'm a big fan of Asheville, I'm a fan of your willingness to step up here, I'm a fan of North Carolina, and of good government, and I want to be a fan of your campaign. I think if you met my husband and myself, you'd see we're regular North Carolinians just like anyone else, and that we deserve equal rights too. And we can't get that without marriage equality.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few thoughts of mine as you listen to North Carolinians voices while seeking higher office. Thanks for stopping by, and don't be a stranger at Blue NC! We're always glad to see candidates join in this forum for public dialogue.

James, I'm sorry.

No offense intended. I haven't had the time to respond until just now. Thanks for understanding!

No worries

I consider it to be part of my job to "train" elected officials in the fine art of social media.

And I'm sure you have lots of other things that are more important than blogging. Thanks for your note ... and best of luck in your campaign.

PS Many candidates ask someone else (a friend or colleague) to monitor social media ... and even respond on their behalf. It would be totally fine for someone to say,

"Hi, I'm Terry's campaign manager. We talked this morning about this issue and here's what she said: I am solidly pro choice! Always have been. Always will be."

Not trying to put words in your mouth ... or maybe I am.


Patsy Keever

There is a strong pro-choice candidate in the 10th. Patsy Keever has been a county commissioner here in Buncombe County, she’s taught school for 25 years, she’s one of the most environmentally friendly legislators in Raleigh. Patsy Keever favors same sex marriage.

She’s staunchly against the Republican war on women. Here’s where you can donate to her Act Blue Pro-Choice Money Bomb:


Personally, I abhor abortion. I found myself pregnant and unwed (father nowhere in sight) at 24, and I kept my son. (He's doing wonderfully). I didn't get an abortion because I saw the possibility for a bright future for my son and myself. I had strong family support. I had an undergraduate degree. I went on to get my masters from NCCU,I have a career in my area of study, and have bought a sold a few houses... made a modest amount of money and, generally, I'm doing well.
For others, it is not so easy. The union of poverty and lack of education breeds many beasts, such as gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy, and the desire to abort unborn babies. To address this, let's look at education, community building, and family support. I want you, Mayor Bellamy, to say without reservation that you will ensure a woman's right to choose! Abortion is a symptom of a greater illness. Attacking the right to choose is like giving someone a Tylenol who has a headache from a brain tumor - it will do absolutely nothing to address the greater illness. You're just treating the symptom.