American Elections: False Choices Hiding Other False Choices

The American elections perpetually televised by our Kleptocracy-controlled media are a smokescreen of false choices distracting attention from even more false choices. At the presidential level and likely others, our election results are predetermined: If not by the billions poured into brainwashing voters through the media, then by rigging the voting machines and if necessary having a tainted judiciary overrule recounts:

Psywar: The Real Battlefield is Your Mind

Hacking Democracy


This Orwellian subterfuge distracts the attention of the Sheeple from other false choices that have far more impact than which corporate puppet gets to sit in the Oval Office for four years. Those choices currently include: the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA) - a loss of real freedoms in return for protection from fabricated threats; the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) - Internet censorship disguised as intellectual property protection; and the Keystone XL Pipeline Project - which will give us dirty energy and ditch-digging jobs at an ecological cost that may include the main water supply for the American Heartland - approval for which was accelerated by a clause buried in the recent Payroll Tax Cut legislation that received bipartisan praise. This deceptive spin and doublespeak has been going on for years, and will continue at an ever-accelerating pace now that Corporate Fascist Puppet President Barack Hussein Obama signed away our Bill of Rights on New Year's Eve, while we were watching balls drop and he was in Hawaii, about as far away as he could be from the uprising of an angry citizenry that never materialized...


Mainstream media focuses on America's two-year election cycles as if who wins or loses in the swinging of the pendulum was a matter of life or death, when in fact even at the Presidential level it makes no more difference than the outcomes of Monday Night Football, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, Hillbilly Handfishing, the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, or the latest Kardashian crisis. Our elections are staged to give Sheeple the illusion of control so they will (a) vent their frustrations and expend their energy, emotions and resources supporting or attacking the Puppet on the Left hand or the Puppet on the Right, and consequently (b) never recognize and challenge the common omnipotent Puppetmaster. As long as corporations own the politicians, it's futile to believe we can "CHANGE" things with our votes.


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Madame Justice Writes About The Coming Occupy Year


How are things going?

I had heard about the results of the one-time audit of the Federal Reserve. If you can get it, I watch Russian Television and Al Jazeera's English version. Its sad, but you can't get any real news out of the US corporate media. Both RT and Al Jazeera are on the web. I also have some other online sources (Reader Supported News and truthout) and they made mention of it.

I don't know what the agenda is - Goldman Sucks is probably in the middle of it though. My guess is that the European banks are going downhill fast and the US banks/investors (like JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sucks) have alot to lose if the European banks fail so this is partly why this was done. There could be some other agenda - I don't know. One world government? Something else?

There is a move afoot by the 1%ers to have all of us 99%ers either die off or the ones who survive be slaves to the 1%. The 1%ers also feel that they can control this situation - if they can't then they will call out the military to round up troublemakers and whisk them off to the FEMA detention camps never to be seen or heard from again. That crap that Obama recently signed allows the military to do just that. Gone are the 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights. If Newt Gingrich has his way, the 1st Amendment will be history too - he wants to establish a state religion.

Anyway, this is right out of some Nazi/Orwellian/Stalinist nightmare. I am betting that the 1% can't control things as much as they think they can. The Occupy Wall Street and other riots all over the world are proof of that.

The corporate-military industrial complex and AIPAC are pushing for war with Iran despite the fact that the US is beyond broke. All empires fail when they run out of money - doesn't matter if its the Roman Empire or the British Empire or American Empire.

But we will see what happens throughout the year. It will be interesting!

A Happy New Year to you and your family.

RachelLea Hunter
aka " Madame Justice" on the Net