The Growing Popularity Of Live Darts

Professional live darts is a fast growing game with huge followings all over the world particularly in Europe and Asia. The governing body is the Professional Darts Corporation and has devised and hosted several big money tournaments on television. The sport continues to grow with big sponsors and lucrative TV deals.

Live darts is a solo sport where players face off by taking alternate throws. A throw consists of three dart thrown at a wood and horse hair board. Each player has to be behind a line called the oche when throwing. The scoring area of the board is split into twenty individual sections. Each of these sections also has a double and treble area. If a players dart lands in those areas the score is either doubled or trebled. Therefore if a dart lands in treble twenty the player scores a total of sixty.

Each player commences the game with 501 points. The objective is for a player to reach zero before his rival. The first to zero wins the game referred to as a leg. Three legs constitute a set and the number of sets needed to win a whole match can change depending on the tournament.

A player must reach zero by the hitting of a double segment or alternatively the section at the very centre of the board called the bull. An example would be if a player had forty points left. He could win the leg by successfully throwing his dart at the double segment of twenty.

Several illustrious and famous tournaments are included in the professional televised circuit. The game has probably its largest following in the UK where it can attract crowds of up to 15000. The vast majority of players learn the art of the game in pubs clubs and bars. As a result many of the games faithful following come from those same environments which makes for loud and brash beer drinking audiences.

Through the growing commercialization of the game there are now many players who both make a fantastic living and enjoy huge popularity. The main name in the sport is that of Phil Taylor. He has won dozens of televised tournaments and is widely credited with being the best player ever to play the game.

The Premier League of Darts at Euroleague Live Stream is one of the most prestigious events of all. Qualification for the league can only be attained by being one of the worlds top eight players. These players compete over ten weeks at different arenas all over the United Kingdom. The winner is usually deemed the best player in the world.



I know this post would normally qualify as spam, but golly, I love me some darts. We have a regulation (almost) dart set up in our playroom, and more sets of darts than we know what to do with. There are few things quite so satisfying as nailing triple 20s at the start of a game of Cricket.