Speaker Tillis Should Resign

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Recently, NC Speaker of the House Thom Tillis told a crowd of supporters that we need to get people with conditions like cerebral palsy to "look down" on moms and kids who are in a tough spot and need Medicaid.(1) These immoral tactics hurt our state, and we don't want someone who is brazen about employing them as leader of our House of Representatives.

Sign the petition to tell the NC House of Representatives to call for Speaker Tillis to resign from his position!

To add insult to injury, Speaker Tillis recently stated that he is in favor of requiring random drug tests of anyone who receives governmental assistance(2) even though it would cost the state millions. This in spite of the recent studies that show drug use being no more common among welfare recipients than those not needing assistance.(3) This kind of class-baiting cannot be tolerated and should not be employed by anyone who represents the people of North Carolina, especially the Speaker of the House.

Tell the House of Representatives that Speaker Tillis does not represent you!

This technique of pitting people against each other and blaming the poor cannot continue to be ignored. Is Speaker Tillis' strategy to fix North Carolina's economy really to simply turn people who need assistance on one another? This fosters an atmosphere of hate and animosity -- and worse, it won't actually help! He must be held accountable.

Add your voice! Sign the petition asking the NC House of Representatives to remove Mr. Tillis as Speaker of the House. Tell them that his tactics are not appropriate for someone holding the Speaker of the House position in North Carolina!

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8ewESI51s4
2. http://youtu.be/g6aOWDQyhkE
3. http://www.aclu.org/drug-law-reform/drug-testing-public-assistance-recipients-condition-eligibility


Should resign, but won't

Thom Tillis is proud to be an arrogant asshole. He takes our criticism as a badge of honor.