Rep. Patrick McHenry challenged by angry constituents

At a joint townhall meeting for Gaston and Cleveland Counties, Rep. McHenry was met by angry constituents.

What would he expect? After shilling for pay day lenders and Wall Street banks, while at the same time stonewalling actual job creation legislation of course his constituents are going to be frustrated with his lack of concern.

Tempers flared more than once during the question-and-answer session as some town hall attendees questioned McHenry’s responses. Some people placed their heads in their hands while others crossed their arms before them. They demanded different answers and more action from the congressman. Others walked out. [...]

“What do you propose to do that you haven’t done in the last couple years to bring back jobs, make the economy better?” Hillman asked the fourth-term U.S. congressman.

The crowd was reported to be the largest since 2009.

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Tar and feathers

for Lil' Pat would have been entirely appropriate.