NC graduation rate rising; student performance failing.

Just saw this on WRAL. Thought I would like bluenc's comment on this article. Look at the comments and see all the right wing trolls bash public education.

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Hey Mr. Mayhem.

Long time no see. Good to know you're still out there.

Most of the people who comment on WRAL are angry losers who want nothing more than for everyone else to be losers just like them. The idea that some poor kid might catch a break and get educated makes their little brains bleed.

And unfortunately, they don't believe in contraception.

Breeders and greeders.


PS The link doesn't work for me ... might be because of Firefox. Do you have a link to the WRAL story? Even without reading it, I can tell you this for sure. Performance is going to get even worse. Fewer teachers, more crowding, more poverty. It's the perfect storm Republicans have been stirring up. Before we're done, people will hate everything about government ... right before they take to the streets with assault weapons.

Sorry about that James. I had

Sorry about that James. I had copied another link and forgot about it. I have corrected the original post.

I will try to be on here more. I have been busy looking for a full time job I wish it wouldn't take so long to find one.

Good luck with the search

These are hard times ... and I fear they are going to get much, much harder. Republicans are hell bent on destroying the economy. It's their only chance at winning the Oval Office, so that's their prime directive.

In classic terms, that makes them traitors. At the very least, they are economic terrorists.