Wow, Pop, thanks! A Congressional District just for me?

The NC Democratic Party calls a spade a spade. Via email.

No, it's not the Gerber Baby. Meet the hand-picked Republican frontrunner for the newly drawn 13th Congressional district and the son of the most powerful Republican in the Senate: The Berger Baby.

Phil Berger Jr may be 39 years old, but he is one lucky kid. His Dad - Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger Sr. - not only had a big hand in purging Brad Miller’s district of registered Democrats and proposing it run from Surry to Wake County, but he'll be able to steer incredible GOP resources to his son's Congressional campaign when the announcement becomes official this fall.

The GOP maps mean big opportunities for the children of gerrymandering in new majority Republican seats across the state. How many more Berger Babies are there?

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He'll get away with it

The system is stacked and too far gone. Corruption is a proven and risk-free operating model.

Just look at Goldman. A decade of global corruption and malfeasance, and their stock price is still strong, completely inoculated from the curse of public opinion through their relationships in Washington and in the media. Same same in Raleigh. The game is now officially rigged.

Good job, Phil Berger. You've lifted nepotism to an art form.

Bastard Birth of GOP

Sounds like a Bastard Birth from the Republican Fascist Corporate Party.......