Rep. Renee Ellmers revives death panel lie (VIDEO)

US Rep. Renee Ellmers is no stranger to stretching the truth. But now that she is on the defensive for supporting the budget proposals of Rep. Paul Ryan, proposals that would turn Medicare into a voucher program, she is telling some of the biggest whoppers of her career. In this short clip she tries to revive the death panel lie, telling her audience in Rocky Mount that a physician will have to submit a request to a 15 person panel before performing surgery. Video below.


I can see why they want to protect her

Now that Renee has revealed what a dumb bell she is, she couldn't get reelected in a fair contest with anyone.

She's ridiculous.

It's embarrassing that she's even from the same state as we are.

In the private insurance business...'s called pre-admission certification. The decision is made not by a 15-person panel, but by a clerk sitting at a computer terminal.


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Living proof

that Elmers has sniffed to much glue.