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She makes my skin crawl....

.. and it's not the bad hair or the pants suits either. It's her total disregard for the justice system and a self-righteousness unrivaled by even the Nazis or Ayn Rand (I'm sorry, was that redundant?)

I should have an opinion on the Casey Anthony file, but I don't. I haven't followed it and I don't know what the evidence was. But this guy has a very interesting perspective on it that made me think:

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

If we have faith in our justice system

then we have to respect the jury's decision. I wasn't in that courtroom. Even if I watched the entire thing on TV (which I didn't), I still wouldn't have had the perspective that those 12 citizens had. Casey Anthony had a trial according to the laws of the state of Florida. That's it, the end. We need to respect it and let it go. No matter what happened, it wasn't going to bring back her 2 year old daughter.

Nancy Grace? She's a joke. A mean-spirited, nasty joke. I despise the sight of her. I would rather watch Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin. Or Hannity. Or ... you get my point.

Nancy Grace gets away with murder

From Creative Loafing in Charlotte:

The real killer in this case, to me, is CNN’s Nancy Grace, the former prosecutor who has become one of the most truly repulsive individuals to ever host a television program. Maybe in a just world, Ms. Anthony would be found guilty of being a horrid parent, though nothing more than that was even close to proven at her murder trial. But in that same just world, Nancy Grace would be imprisoned for the deliberate, relentless type of character assassination she has turned into a lucrative career. Her indescribably lurid, salivating focus on crucifying Ms. Anthony had all the appeal of watching a pitbull foam at the mouth as it disembowels a cocker spaniel. But you know who’s even worse? The higher-ups at CNN who keep this Revenge Harpy on the air. Please – e-mail CNN and demand that they take Grace off the air. And you know who’s even worse than the CNN higher-ups? People like the modern day lynch mob outside the courthouse yesterday, whose primitive wails of vengeance denied probably sounded just like the collective moan coming from a crowd at a Jim Crow-era lynching when a hanging rope would break. Sorry, but the whole thing is almost too sickening for words.

Nasty Nancy Flips!

Nancy Grace is livid. She had been shilling for months for a conviction of Casey Anthony for allegedly murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, and now the jury has acquitted Anthony of murder charges. What's a gal like Nasty Nancy to do?

Perhaps the first thing that Nasty Nancy should do is to read the laws of this country, and learn the standards that supposedly exist for conviction. Even though Nasty Nancy's standards for conviction are simple – an accusation automatically means one is guilty – the legal standard actually is "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt