A thousand words are insufficient


An apt metaphor?

As I read the comments on various stories about the storms, I find the tea baggers scrambling to turn this into another opportunity to criticize Governor Perdue, President Obama, government in general, poor people in particular, and worse. I can only conclude that right wing hate and Republican "leadership" is very much like these tornadoes, creating a path of destruction that will take years to recover from.

Doesn't surprise me

Regardless of the substance of the story, if an article mentions anything about Bev, the peanut gallery is sure to chime in with some rant or another.

There's a few of them that I am about 99% sure are on the payroll of one of the Republican leaders or the NC GOP itself.

Storm approaches Raleigh

In this video shot by Chad Flowers of WRAL. I couldn't find an embed code, but that sure is spooky.

22 fatalities (so far) in NC

Over half of the total U.S. deaths (43) associated with this particular storm.

So many people have lost so much. I don't know what to say.

Prior to the storms on

Prior to the storms on Saturday there were a great deal of homeless families living in tents in the woods behind the old Wal Mart (currently tractor supply and Big Lots) in Sanford. This would be across Horner Blvd from the Lowes that was destroyed. I don't know if they have been run off from there recently (they were there as of a few weeks ago) or if they were still there when the tornado's hit. If they were they were in the direct path. These folks of course are the most vulnerable, lacking any resources. I haven't heard any mention of them in the papers, including the Sanford Herald. Other than some middle school students that have collected food and worked in the soup kitchen of a Sanford rescue mission and some local church members these were already the forgotten and ignored.

I'm a moderate Democrat.