my LTE in Charlotte Observer

In response to "Watchdog eyes businessman's campaign gifts" (April 13):

Democracy North Carolina is no 'partisan ally'; ask Jim Black

The writer is board chairman of Democracy North Carolina.

Art Pope tries to deflect criticism of his campaign donations by labeling Democracy North Carolina "a partisan ally of the N.C. Democratic Party." He may want to ask former House Speaker Jim Black, a Democrat, what his thoughts are on this subject. Research by our director, Bob Hall, led to Black's resignation and eventual conviction. Democracy North Carolina is a nonpartisan watchdog that works to protect the citizens of North Carolina from the influence of big money in our electoral process and has worked with Mr. Pope's own John Locke Foundation on several issues in the past.

Gray Newman

Mint Hill

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Good letter Gray

Bet the puppet master is wishing you didn't know how to read or write about now!

damn my public education

Twelve years in PUBLIC Charlotte Mecklenburg schools and then degrees from Central Piedmont Community College, Appalachian State, UNC-Charlotte, and Georgia State (all PUBLIC).

Maybe that is why they are trying to kill public education.