Why it's impossible to have a rational discussion with the Tarheel Taliban

This handy-dandy chart 'splains it all.

You can never get past that first box when you're talking to the cabal that runs Skipstamistan.


This reminds me of a recent e-mail

I received from Civitas on how to argue with a Liberal:

Tired of struggling to respond to liberals and progressives when debating the merits of a free market system? Want to learn how to win debates on the economy using common-sense fundamentals, rather than responding with 30-second sound bite talking points?

The Civitas Institute is proud to announce a new education program: THE FREE MARKET ACADEMY.

If you think that's funny, check this out:

Learn what politicians, left-wing economic professors and the liberal media don’t want you to know about economics, all without the confusion and clutter of complicated mathematical equations.

When there's no way in hell you can back up your theory
with verifiable proofs, the wisest course is to attack the whole idea of proofing.

1) Mathematical models do not

1) Mathematical models do not equal proof.
2) "Tarheel Taliban"? Really? There ought to be another box for "ad hominem" in your flowchart that leads to "no".

Going out on a limb here,

but I presume you're solidly in the Libertarian camp. And you probably voted for Mike Munger, after signing the petition to get him on the ballot. As such, you should already know where that Taliban reference originated:

“The Democrats in North Carolina are what the Republicans usually are, and the Republicans are the Taliban,” Munger said, with characteristic brashness. “They look to scripture to decide what their positions should be.”