To my fellow members of the SEC of the North Carolina Democratic Party

I want to share a letter with you that I sent to David Parker and Bill Faison and that I am reprinting here with both of their knowledge and permission.

The Future of the North Carolina Democratic Party

Hugh L. Wilde Jr January 15 at 2:30pm
as a life long democrat and a member of the SEC I have a few things I want to share with you both.
Two weeks from now our party will have a new chairman and it will be one of you. You are both men of purpose and accomplishment and it is my though that whoever wins and whoever loses this race, that the party needs you both.
It is my hope that whoever prevails as chairman that his first action will be to fully involve the other in a position of high importance in the North Carolina Democratic Party.
Fetzer and his goons are the enemy, not either one of you, and it is going to take all that all of us can do to have a chance at prevailing in 2011 and 2012.
We all know that Bev is in trouble and her reelection is far from certain. We have both houses of the General Assembly to win back in 2 years. We have a President to support. We have council of state members that will be running and will need all the help and money we can raise.
That being said, the party needs you both. We need you to bring this party together at the SEC meeting the moment this chair's race is over, and we need both of yours talents to meet our goals over the next two years.
The two of you coming together after a hard fought race for chair, for the common good of the party, can put us on the road for victory in 2012. From what I know of both of you, neither runs from a fight, and we have a damn big one in front of us.
So gentlemen, as the old saying goes, it is time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. Lets us join together today for the good of our party and the state of North Carolina.

It will take big men to do this. I think you both can and should do this. The state and the party needs you to do this.

I plan to support whoever comes out the winner. However, there should be no winner or loser, only good democrats doing the work of their party.

Please do not disappoint me gentlemen.

Hugh Wilde

I had a positive reply from both of them to this letter and I firmly believe that the party will be better served with them both working to forward it goals, no matter who is elected as chair. When this race is settled in Raleigh next week we must close ranks behind the new chairman and get to work, but we must also use all the assets and manpower we have to carry the day in 2 years. That being said we need both these men and their talents at the table.
It is my hope that others will encourage both David and Bill to do this very thing for the good of our party.No matter who you are supporting, contact them both and ask them to do this.
They should run a hard race, run it till the vote. But when it is over and the new chair takes office, it is time for all hands on deck, and that includes the man not elected as chair most of all.

It is going to take everyone in our party, working as hard as we can, to turn this around.

These men have asked us to elect one of them to lead our party. They can show us true leadership at the end of this race by working together to advance our party.
It is our job to make sure they do.