Recent developments in the tiny Republic of Birtherstan

For a movement which has been the World's Biggest Epic Fail for more than 2 years now, there is much going on among the loathsome Birtherstani pissants ...

  1. Two more birther cases will be dumped by the Supreme Court next month. Orly Taitz is still trying to get her $20,000 back after being sanctioned in federal court in Georgia (though she claims her supporters have already reimbursed her more than half of it), and Phil Berg's Hollister case (sadly no longer involving Phil) has also reached the end of the line. Taitz's case will be denied Jan. 7, and Hollister on Jan. 14 (but we'll have to wait until the following Mondays to read the official orders). In both cases, the government declined to respond and the court didn't request a response, which is the kiss of death in the Supreme Court.
  2. Charlie Lincoln, the convicted felon who was disbarred in three states, is pursuing a lawsuit against Orly and her husband. Charlie claims he had a torrid love affair with Orly when he was writing all her briefs and accompanying her on trips around this great land of ours in the summer/fall of 2009, but her husband forced it to end. Prior to this lawsuit, I was unaware that you could sue a guy for not letting you screw his wife. Live and learn, children, live and learn. ;-)
  3. Neil Abercrombie, the newly elected governor of Hawaii (and a friend of President Obama's parents at the time the president was born) says he's going to fight the birthers tooth and nail. Sadly, he'll find that the Hawaii Dept. of Health really is prevented by privacy laws from releasing President Obama's long-form, vault copy birth certificate. We're trying to think up alternative ideas and strategies for him to pursue.
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  5. The birthers are still in a lather about Lt. Col. Terry Lakin being court-martialed and sentenced to 6 months in Leavenworth, losing his pension (valued at ~$2 million), and being unceremoniously booted out of the U.S. Army. At my forum The Fogbow, we had extensive coverage of the court martial, including military attorneys explaining the proceedings during 2-hour long radio shows every night on our BlogTalkRadio show.
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  7. And Orly published a form declaring her intent to run for U.S. Senator against Dianne Feinstein in 2012. Her lawsuit about becoming Secretary of State of California is still pending in state court in California (and the judge was a close friend of mine when we were both in the same law office for 3 years). Orly also says she's about to file a new lawsuit against the Social Security Administration for not responding properly to her FOIA request trying to track down President Obama's 39 Social Security numbers, including the one he stole from a dead man in Connecticut.

Meanwhile, other birthers are desperately trying to get laws enacted in various states forcing the president to provide a long-form birth certificate in order to be on the ballot in 2012. This was first tried in Missouri, but had to be abandoned when the moonbat legislators found out that Missouri only gives out a short-form birth certificate itself, meaning that the law would prevent anyone from the Show Me State from getting on the ballot. It's difficult to Show Me something that the state refuses to provide ...

Those of us who have been sucked into the vortex of birtherism for more than two years expect them to ramp up the crazy as soon as the next election cycle begins in earnest.


looks like everything is

looks like everything is doing their actions to have a chance to be included in the ballot for 2012... i hope we all be more responsible on those we choose to vote..