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Re: Negotiating power

This is the perfect time for a citizen-oriented Public Utilities Commission to reset expectations for Duke Energy. The power company needs public permission to do their deal ... and they really want to do their deal. Which means NOW is the time to guarantee that the "new" Duke Energy will deliver more value for NC citizens. Not just in terms of rate reductions, but also in terms of environmental stewardship, strategic vision, corporate responsibility and more.

Is it fair to hold this deal hostage to a whole host of unrelated requirements and public demands? Hell yes.

Contact the Public Utilities Commission today, tomorrow and every day until they get the message that they work for US, not for power companies.

Palin jumps into the fire. Takes Ta-ta too?

Too bad, really. I was sort of hoping she'd be the Party of Greed nominee in 2012. But you have to admit, the woman does know how to get out of a frying pan. Not.

Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

And just remember. This is the self-indulgent moron that Brigadier Ta-ta wanted to see as his Commander in Chief. Sorry, General. You brought this narcissistic queen bee to the party ... she's yours to dance with.