Weekend wound up


Don't grammar me

Reader comments in the verbing article laughed me out loud. My favorite so far:

Verbing badly stranges our speaking
It can clever and verve its meaning
Whereas nouning a verb
Causes little disturb
Vice versaing amoks everything.

I especially liked his quote...

“Being governor of Colorado right now — it’s like trying to pick your teeth with a rattlesnake,” says Charlie Brown

Speaking of sunshowers...

How awesome is that? I had a hell of a time saving this pic. I tried to download it into my laptop five times before it would take it, something about the image file being corrupted. I think it just had too much magic going on...

Truly magic.

I couldn't locate my camera this morning but I really wanted to capture the "snow globe" quality of the snow showers around 10am. I've never seen such dancing snowflakes.

I noticed that, too

I think I even saw some of them moving back upwards, but it was always out of the corner of my eye, not where I was looking directly. Weird.

There's more on the way Monday, so maybe I'll be able to catch 'em in the act.