A word finder for the Governor

Facing a gaping $3.7 billion budget hole for the year ahead, Governor Perdue has been busy cutting everything in sight in an attempt to balance the ledger. Asked about tax increases in a recent press gaggle, she confirmed our suspicion that she's going into the fight with one hand tied behind her back:

"At this point," she said, "I don't know how to spell tax increase. It is off my plate."

With that in mind, I am pleased to offer this remedial word finder game, which may be helpful to our spelling-challenged chief executive.


Love it

Words can be powerful, even by themselves.

Two ways

Negotiating chip ... first and foremost.

But it also moves the needle, in my view, toward a future where corporations have neither rights nor responsibilities. I am an advocate for the elimination of corporations altogether ... and in some weird way, this could be a step in that direction.

The rates would have to be structured so that the loss of revenue from corporate taxes would be more than offset by the increase in personal taxes on the wealthiest. That's a statistical modeling problem that should be easy enough to work out.