Winston Salem Journal endorses Billy Kennedy (D)

After years of voting for Foxx, it's not clear whether most people in her district can still think for themselves, but if they can, this editorial will be an eye opener.

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, a Republican from Watauga County, has not achieved any great accomplishments for the residents of the 5th Congressional District, and has angered and embarrassed many with her sometimes wild statements that seem designed to provoke. It’s time for a fresh, progressive voice in the 5th District. We believe that Democrat Billy Kennedy, a Watauga farmer and carpenter who says he’ll work to reverse the high rate of unemployment in the district, is that voice. He’s the best candidate in the Nov. 2 election for the 5th District.


Replace "Foxx" with "Burr"

and you'd have an equally scathing criticism of Do-Nothing's 16 years in Congress. The only thing he's known for is his own private little bank run. Beyond that? Zilch.

"think for themselves" (& on a funny unrelated note from SNL)

I want very much for that to be true. Even if the story comments don't bare it out. Like this on, from varsol:

Most of the Journal's endorsements in the past decades have been pro-business Republicans from President on down. This is a strange change

I hope people with this line of thought will take the next step, of maybe there's a good reason for this.

Also, I waanted to share this somewhere, figured this was as good a place as any:

Love it.

Thanks for the video, Jake. I can see Tom Fetzer doing his own version.

"Hi. I am Tom Fetzer, and I am not gay. And I'm not the father of any illegitimate children who I could use to prove that I'm not gay. And I'm not a liar. You can trust me."