It's Official. Congressman Etheridge's Opponent is a Racist

Congressman Bob Etheridge is the Congressman from the Second District of North Carolina. The Second District stretches from downtown Raleigh, through the suburbs of Southern Wake County, and into the surrounding suburbs and farmland of Johnston and counties south. It's a changing area, formerly rural, now rapidly urbanizing. It is the very definition of a swing district.

Now, thanks to the Tea Party, Congressman Etheridge is in a dogfight. And he's fighting a woman, Renee Ellmers, who has risen to Tea Party prominence on the back of a campaign against the Health Reform Plan, a campaign based on misinformation and gullible people who don't read for themselves.

But she just outed herself as a racist Islamophobe in her new campaign ad.

I promise you, you won't believe this one. Join me below the fold.

Today, the racist Ms. Ellmers issued her very first ad. It's not about Congressman Etheridge. It's not even about Renee Ellmers, who she is, or why she's running for Congress.

It's a racist appeal to the worst elements of the Republican Party. Take a look:

If you want another Tea Party embarrassment to get elected, then ignore this, and let Bob Etheridge fight by himself.

But if you want to fight this kind of crap, and show the world that North Carolina and America do not reward extremists of ANY sort, then help Bob.

If you want to reward a true Democrat who cast tough votes FOR our agenda, then reward Bob. Unlike some Democrati Congressman in this state who opposed their President's agenda (ahem, McIntyre, ahem, Shuler) or promised to support it and then voted against it (looking at you Kissell), Bob Etheridge told you how he would vote and then he supported the health care reform plan when asked to do so. He's a good man in a bad fight.

Here is Bob's wonderful statement on his health care vote.

And now you know what is opposing him. Racism. Ugliness. Extremism. Ignorance.

.I just gave money to Bob Etheridge.

.You can too.

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This ad is absolutely indefensible. If Ellmers were seeking to make a splash, I suppose she has succeeded, but now there's mud everywhere and certainly she's coated herself and her supporters with it.

But Senator Swindell is in stiff competition with her for "most despicable ad" with his knowingly false representations of his opponent being charged with drug offenses.

For all the voters who may be turned off to Ellmers by Wrenn's grotesque misrepresentation, I wonder how many more are going to renounce Swindell for lying to them.

Sad to say, the idiot quotient is high enough to win support for Ellmers based on her disgusting exploitation of fear and bigotry. But Swindell's is going to backfire -- hard -- and he could, and SHOULD lose his seat over it.

"And Obama supports it!"

Good Lord. What a zany piece of sensational bullshit. The use of the Civitas article is interesting, as well.


Wow. That's about as offensive as it gets.



Damn she is stupid.

We must STOP the "racism" argument

I know that in past elections we have been energized by the "racism" word and I also know that many true active political liberals go nuts when "racism" is brought out but we have to stop using that tag. This is making the right even more dedicated in their efforts to work against the democrats that use this in their efforts to get elected. "Racism" is certainly active in America today but it is not the driving force behind the democrat movement today. Everyone needs to be cognizant of this evil within our country of course. But, it is not what can be used today to move political thought. It used to be but today, it isn't. There needs to be another avenue to put forward the liberal agenda. Racism is not that agenda.

I believe those that have racist tendencies would agree

We should just ignore the racist and / or sexist and / or homophobic coded words and actions of our not-so-friendly Right Wing opponents and stick to the real issues. Like death panels, right?

I would ask you to see that which is right in front of your eyes, but perhaps you choose not to and in that case I would be encroaching upon your first amendment rights to say things that don't make sense?

Racism in itself is NOT the agenda that the Democratic Party is engaged with. It is the agenda that the Republican party wants to push with their States Rights and Illegal Aliens silliness. However, not calling the kettle black, so to speak, would be giving in to the obvious calling of the wild wingnut. That we must not do.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

I don't stop telling the truth because it makes you uncomfortabl


or because it doesn't motivate certain voters.

This is a racist, bigoted, reprehensible ad by a woman who I must assume is a reprehensible racist bigot. Either that or she made a rookie mistake and listened to a reprehensible, racist bigot. Given her comments since, I think my initial conclusion is the right one.

Don't expect me to back off.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

That rephrehensible racist bigot

would likely be Mr. Carter Wrenn, who has made his living dancing on the razor's edge of racist politics.

Ignorant, uninformed and racist?

The N&O Claims Department sez:

The proposed Park51 project in Lower Manhattan is not "at Ground Zero," but on Park Place, a street two blocks north of the World Trade Center site. It is also not a mosque, but a planned community center to include a restaurant, fitness center, basketball court, swimming pool and child care center, along with what its developers are calling a "prayer room."


The ad contains both factual errors and historical inaccuracies.

Standing next to Ms. Ellmers, Sarah Bailin looks like a freakin' genius.

Don't care, uninterested and racist

Truth is a fickle thing these days when it comes to our right wing sisters and brothers. It is also an inconvenient thing, since they don't seem to be able to put up any kind of real fight without leaving the truth in the dust of their incredible lies.

I've seen a lot of things in my years here in America, but the fact that the people that call themselves Conservatives and the Moral Majority have become nothing but morally destitute and greedy far beyond their needs or the needs of their families for many generations.

Thou shalt not lie is now just a quaint and feeble suggestion to those that call themselves Conservatives or Republicans. How they can look at themselves in the mirror and still show up at Church is beyond my comprehension.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Okay I've been appealing to

Okay I've been appealing to the folks here to show support for Congressman Etheridge for months now. While Ellmers doesn't have a lot in the kitty she will be benefiting from a very influx of money in for of anti Etheridge adds that have already started running. This is the flashy Ellmers add but they are going to flood the airways with negative attacks on Bob in the next few weeks. Bob need your support. Please if you are in Wake, Harnett or Cumberland Counties there are Etheridge headquarters that can steer you to help with phone banking and other ways to help. Please go to the local Democratic party headquarters of the 2nd District and volunteer to work to get out the vote during early voting and on election day. This is going to be a tight race. Support the people that have supported you!

I'm a moderate Democrat.

If he did, I would

Support the people that have supported you!

Thanks for nothing, Bobby.


You can't expect everyone to

You can't expect everyone to support everything you support. You have to look at it from a broader perspective than just one issue. If you don't like the way Bob votes on one issue wait until Renee Ellmers and those like her take over control of the House. Then it will be every position that you will object to and they will redraw the congressional lines and we will have no voice whatsoever for the next (at least) 20 years. So no unsernamehere, Thank you for nothing. I just hope you are the exception not the rule.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Don't judge him/her too

Don't judge him/her too harshly. I understand the frustration and have been known to have some extreme tendencies myself. In fact, I've often said that the role of extremists is to make others look sane by comparison. I've been there and done that ... and still do from time to time.

I agree with you on redistricting

...which is handled by the NC General Assembly, not the federal Congress.

I'm voting for the Democrats that support me. And they exist in the NC General Assembly, and I'm supporting them and their efforts in those races. The federal Congress is a different matter entirely.

And I no longer care if loonies like Ellmers take over Congress.

I want Obama to have to face all the subpoenas Issa can throw at him. Maybe then he'll begin to have some inkling of what it has been like for the truly brave to serve this country and still be investigated with the full force of the law for no good reason.

I understand your hope that I'm the exception to the rule, but I can assure you that a frustration threshold has been crossed that I have not experienced before.

If a dedicated Democratic voter like myself -- who always votes in EVERY primary, runoff, and municipal election, and (almost) always voted Democratic --is willing to vote teabagger out of anger, then all the consultants and strategists and politicians out there should realize that they've finally taken the triangulating too far.


Islamophobia is alive and well.

Can't let those durn furrn terrists come here, now, can we?

JFC, some days I'm embarrassed to be an American.

I smile at the "phobia" suffix today

Anyone that is against anything our gay citizens are for are "homophobes". Anyone that says anything about muslims or sharia law is an "islamophobe". I have even heard the expression "christophobe" but that was put out there tongue in cheek but to be honest it carries the same weight all the other "phobes" carry.

People have beliefs and opinions and they aren't necessarily eat up with some "phobia" because they differ from what others believe. A lot of people just get a little smirk on their face when that is used. If you don't like conservative thought in America are you a "conservaphobe"? If you don't care for Obama's policies are you an "Obamaphobe"?

Enough with the "phobisms" already.

P.S. we know what JFC means and if you think that makes your message here better or makes you neat or cool or whatever, then you are wrong.


seems to be an especially apt descriptor for people like Renee Ellmers, who is attempting to scare people in her district with lies about Islam. Using such fear tactics to win elections is despicable.

All that said, I confess to having Teabagphobia. It honestly scares the dickens out of me to imagine how quickly America and North Carolina would degenerate under the heavy hand of government-hating public servants. The irony is breathtaking.

Okay you got me


Didn't mean to "get" you ...

Just meant to scare you.

Heh. You know I'm only kidding. And just to say it officially, welcome to BlueNC. We get a lot of people passing through, but not so many who take the time to comment and stick around.

Thanks for showing up. Life is a conversation.