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Ilegal immigrants

White people in north America

So much for freedom

I guess the segregationists running Wake County Schools don't quite understand the "public" part of "public schools." I applaud the efforts of the NAACP and others who are working to spotlight the bizarre and misguided choices of the Gang of Five, and I see never-ending lawsuits in their future.

The greatest irony of all, of course, it the significant jump in improvement in Wake schools ... just in time for the policies that led to that improvement to be rescinded. The segregationists have an agenda, and school improvement doesn't appear to be part of it.

Improvement in 'public' education???

Did I see the words "improvement" and "public schools" all in the same post? Remarkable! Public schools are nothing more than another government jobs program and have nothing to do with preparing our youth for the future. Education is never the goal of any public school; they've given up on reading, writing, and arithmetic decades ago. As far a segregation goes, let the racist idiots segregate themselves. The Black Panthers can have their own school, and the White Supremacists can have theirs as well. I think two single-wide mobile homes would meet the requirements for both camps. I wouldn't want my children exposed to such out-dated nonsense as eugenics anyway. The smart parents (white, black, brown, purple, red, or whatever other hair, eye or skin color they may posess) are pulling their children out of public schools altogether. Public school is nothing more than publicly funded day-care so that the wage slaves can fill the government coffers. Wise up!