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Isn't that Tom Fetzer's newsletter?

Of course

Funny, in a sad sort of way, that you'd even ask such a ridiculous question. Christianity, Islam, FSM. They're of the same absurdity and have no place in government.

Stanly County and Citizens United

Good post from Carter Wrenn regarding pollution and corporate accountability (or lack there of) in Stanly County

A couple of months ago the Supreme Court decided corporations – like people who talk and breathe and walk around on two legs – have an inalienable right to free speech, including the right to criticize politicians they don’t like all they want.


Alcoa’s an international behemoth conglomerate. Its Chairman is from Brazil, its President is from Germany, it’s partnered with the Chinese and its world headquarters is in Pittsburgh, old Andrew Mellon’s hometown. It smelts aluminum everywhere from Iceland to the Amazon Rainforest and its annual budget is bigger than the State of North Carolina’s – so what hope on earth do three local County Commissioners (who may raise $5000 in their entire campaigns) have of winning re-election if Alcoa with its $20 billion annual budget is dead-set on retiring them?