It's Decision Time in Texas

My first thought after reading this article in The Washington Post , was that an earthly judgment day, of sorts, is arriving for Tom DeLay. My second thought was that some people in Texas must have awfully thick skulls. Maybe they are just not very bright in DeLay's district, or maybe they just happen to like people who are accused of multiple felonies and under indictment for some of them.
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The article describes a couple who are agonizing about their choice between Tom DeLay and another Republican.

"This has been difficult -- probably more so than any election in recent years," Judy Deats, 61, said as she sat in a Mexican restaurant in DeLay's butterfly-shaped suburban Houston district. "We're giving it all a fair shot, but I don't know how I'm going to decide. Maybe prayer."

Said her 63-year-old husband: "I probably won't decide until the night before."

This isn't even an election that requires they cross party lines to vote for someone not under indictment. They can still vote Republican. I really don't get it. I could understand if DeLay only stood accused and the proof of his involvement was sketchy. But, it appears that this man had his hands in most of the illegal happenings in congress and was orchestrating quite a bit of it.

This is a no-brainer folks. Stop agonizing over your decision. If nothing else, imagine being the butt of every political joke if you put Tom DeLay back in office and he winds up in the clink. Think of it as being a compassionate conservative. You're giving him a chance to deal with his many criminal charges without the added stress of representing you in Washington.

Of course, Democrats in Texas probably would prefer for DeLay to win the primary on Tuesday. They may consider him beatable. I'm not willing to bank on a Democrat beating DeLay in a district where 64% voted for Bush in 2004. I would rather not count on picking up that seat. We need DeLay out of Washington. If he loses the primary he loses some clout when it comes to raising money. Let him spend off every last cent of his war chest(s) paying his legal fees. He deserves to spend the rest of this year watching his clout in Washington dwindle away to nothing. Then, some time down the road, he can look forward to a cozy little cell for two.

Author update: It's obvious I'm not a Tom DeLay fan. At least Republicans in Texas have a choice. Democrats in Mecklenburg County do not. Not one Democrat chose to file against Jim Black. Not one. There is too much at stake to risk voting for a Republican and that is a shame. You think the Republican party is pulling strings? They don't hold a candle to the inept folks on the board of the Democratic Party of Mecklenburg County. Here is a case where they should have recruited someone to run against Black if for no other reason than to protect the balance of the NC House. What a bunch of morons.



Maybe prayer

Dear Texas Wingnut.

I'll bet if you pray to god, the answer you'll get is this: Don't vote for liars and criminals. Of course you may have your own special god down there in the Lone Star state, in which case you deserve all the misery you get in god's name.

Texas = corruption

It must be a case of the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know.
If bush was running again, he would probably be re-elected, too.
Most people fail to vote their own interests. They fall for the charm and ethnocentricty. Like bush and the white males who voted for him because he was someone they could sit and have a beer with. AS IF!!!!!!

Stupid down in Texas

I could probably leave my comment blank and you would know what I'm referring to.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.