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Ya'll hold down the fort ... and keep your fingers crossed that the House does its work on the reconciliation bill quickly and without much drama. I would remind Larry Kissell that he has yet one more chance to pull his head out of his behind, though I don't think he very much cares what I say now that he's a Big Congressman and all.

new nickname for Burr

Since he used his objection yesterday to stop work at 2 pm, can we start calling him "Half-Day Dick"? And can someone please dock his wages? This is a capitalist system, after all!

Now, to call my tea party aunt and tell her I just got appointed to her death panel! Oh, the jokes we will make.

I am old enough to remember all this before with Medicare. Now, all my elderly relatives have forgotten how much they hated that socialism, the one that gave them their bypass surgeries and cancer treatments and all.

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Elaine calls it like she sees it. Gotta love her !! This lady has SPUNK !!

What was the reason for this?

I have read the link posting you made James on this black SC trustee issue and for the life of me cannot see where they said WHY they were wanting to replace the only black trustee.

I truly like Steve Spurrier (head football coach of USC) and liked his statement:

Head football coach Steve Spurrier said he favors minority representation in all walks of life.

He said he knows of no recruits being contacted about the trustee issue but added that coaches "have heard all kind of stuff about the (Confederate) flag forever."

Spurrier called for the removal of the flag from the State House grounds three years ago, saying it would make the state a better place to live. He said he does not think recruits would be swayed by the black caucus's campaign.

"They know our football program has nothing to do with the board of trustees whatsoever," he sai


To me, at first blush, this looks racist. I have to read more on this, though.


In South Carolina, where the stars and bars still cast a dark shadow over the state capitol? Surely you jest.

Yeah, I get that picture

You know the real problem with all of this? If you go to Myrtle Beach and do not go to the tourist bars or restaurants and go to the "local haunts", you REALLY get the picture. Two of the most used words in those are the "N"-word and the "F" word...most of the time used together.

A few years back a friend of ours and his wife (both big golfers) met us at the Avista in N. Myrtle Beach. We decided to get the "flavor" of the South so we went to a couple of the sports bars "locals" go to that were recommended to us by one of the people in the Avista office. Now, these friends are from Arizona where there is a different kind of "racism" going on. But, believe it or not, blacks there are not demeaned or talked about racially and actually are included within white environments more than in most states I have been in. When our friends heard the comments, they said they would never come back to SC regardless how great the golfing venue was.

Yeah..what's up with that ???

Can we not get past the civil war? I mean, "the South will rise again" is just so..passe !! I go to Myrtle Beach often and I sometimes wonder about that state. Anyone that does go there sees quasi-slavery goin' on. Who cleans your rooms? Who cleans off your table when you go to Thoroughbreds? Who throws all those trash cans into that big trash truck you see on Monday morning? You know what I am talking about. It is "night-and-day" going from NC to SC. Hey, go down to Columbia. Dark Ages !! This is a state that seems to refuse to accept progress. Refuses to accept equality other than token exceptions.

But, regardless of that, Myrtle Beach is "Heaven on Earth" to me. Nothing to do with racism and such. It is a golfer's paradise...and I am like one very dedicated and addicted golfer...sooooo, well, you see my point :)