After dark

Go find something new, cool and weird online and paste the link here. Post anything you like. Shape the agenda!


Blue NC

is actually me, of course. It's a new account I made to handle housekeeping here. Open threads. After dark. Weekend wound-ups. Polls.

Plus it keeps my name under wraps.


Boy am I dumb

I didn't even open my freakin' parachute until I'd been killed 9 times.



I have yet to hit the bullseye.

Workin' on it though.

Sometimes ya just gotta get away from "stuff", ya know?

You can see I am going ballistic on BlueNC lately.

Time I go off for fun and games.

Hope you guys enjoyed that.



Thank you SO much. I hadn't seen these. Very sweet.


And then, there is this..


Very funny

I needed a good laugh. Now back to work. Hold down the fort!

Holy Flying Sara Palin Piss Ant?

Now multiply Universe 160 Billion Suns and than multiply 160 Billion Universes times 160 Billion Suns and you have 160 Gazillion of Suns! So how does it feel to be a Nat on a Alien Lizard Ass? And does One really, really think that Glenn Beck and the GOP Tea Baggers of this Planet, knows the deep secrets of the Universes?

" Beam me up Scotty!"

Cassini loves Saturn

That's Enceladus above the rings and Janus below.

Who needs science fiction

when the science is so beautiful?


There cannot fail to be more kinds of things, as nature grows further disclosed. - Sir Francis Bacon