Rate increase in the works? Help find Blues clues

Cross-posted from the Justice Center

Here at the Justice Center we are insured by our good friends at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. This year our premiums are going up nearly 20 percent.

Lawmakers are questioning Anthem Blue Cross out in California for increasing premiums by as much as 39 percent on individual and small group policy holders. I'm wondering if Blue Cross of North Carolina is engaged in similar price gouging.

So let me know how much your premiums are increasing this year. All insurance carriers are fair game but I'm most interested in Blue Cross. This can be for an individual policy or group.



Two entities I'm involved with had over 20% increases this year

One entity I'm involved with had a 24% premium increase - that's the Blue Cross Blue Shield (NC) insured entity.

Another entity I help out had a 28% premium increase.

Would love to hear what folks at churches and other volunteer groups are doing.

I know of a church in another part of the state (I've got a big family) that had an almost 30% premium increase.

I think members of associations/groups should ask this question.

How much did premiums jump for the NC Advocates for Justice, the NC Chamber, your local chamber of commerce, your church, your professional assoctiation (NC Pharmacists, NC Medical Society, etc.)


I would love to hear also

If you could share the names of any of these organizations with me it would be much appreciated. Again, it will all stay anonymous. I'm just trying to get a sense of the rate increases.

If I need to use any information I will email and ask permission. Contact me adam.linker@ncjustice.org.

Insurance companies are seeing the handwriting on the wall

With both republican and democratic legislators hopefully now being involved in the health care debate, the insurance companies are being pro-active, so to speak, with their rates. You just have to believe that they are raising their rates now so that when a comprehensive health care plan is finally initiated, they will hopefully be able to keep their current rates they charge and be denied any further increases.


That's a good question

Drug companies are doing it so I'm wondering if insurance companies are following suit.

The rate increases are designed to

suck money out of the fragile economy and assure a double dip recession in time for the 2010 elections.