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If Johnny Appleseed planted seeds

according to the fantastic, highly recommended (by me) documentary based on Michael Pollan's book The Botany of Desire rather than using the grafting technique which is the only way to get copy of the fruit you want more of, most if not all of the apple trees he planted were bitter. They were good for nothing except making hard cider which sustained early Americans for a long time until drunkenness became a scourge to society.

Also, the segment on marijuana is astounding.

Cannabis plant

Ah yes, humans are such an evil bunch, are they not? I get a kick out of the highbrows that, after a glass or two of chardonnay or after the dedicated liquor connoisseurs have enjoyed their three fingers of Crown Royal tell us of the dangers and terrible affects of grass.

What is "astounding" is in the idiocy of it all.

Thanks, loftT for that link. I had to do some "clicking" to get to the nuts and bolts, but it was interesting nonetheless.

Over there

A fascinating comparison of economic life in Europe and the US.

Europe has less inequality, thanks to its high taxes and welfare states. It has stronger unions and labor-market protections -- and the higher unemployment that go with them. Its public schools are often better, and in some European countries, social mobility is higher than in the United States. All European governments, in different ways, manage to provide universal health care at comparatively modest cost. That is surely the most important thing that Europe can teach America.

How bizarre!

Great comment you left, Momo, but I don't recall caring all the much about the Edwards fiasco once it started to meltdown. Maybe it's selective retention on my part.

But the truth is, the N&O got it right. Good for them. I suppose this means we should praise them every time they don't rely on a Puppet as an expert source.


The day RTB, The N&O, or any other mainstream news source exposes heterosexual hypocrisy in politicians and leader of all stripes for the rancid stench it is...that's the day that fool will get an apology from me.

Enjoy NoVA, RTB. There's plenty of bed-hopping straights and closet cases to fill your worthless ever shrinking column inches for months. Don't strain yourself investigating or reporting. You never did in NC.



...wiping a HUGE grin off my face...THANKS for that usernamehere.


Note to baggers

We know you, and we have a simple request. Please don't bring your insults and taunts to BlueNC. Everyone around here knows I'll put up with a lot of shit, but only to the point of it being intolerably obnoxious.

Who's the judge of intolerably obnoxious, you might ask?

I am.


For those who missed it, I have deleted two intolerably obnoxious comments from an anonymous zealot, who is now stalking via email.

I read 'em so you don't have to.

Bravo !


A brief review of Jesus Swept

by former gubernatorial candidate, Mike Munger.

James Protzman, JESUS SWEPT. An odd book, local fiction about Jesus returning to Earth as an itinerant sweeper. Yep, sounds bizarre, and it is, but it works pretty well. I liked it a lot. Very quirky.

I'll take "very quirky" any day. Thanks, Mike!

The narrow minded folks

Jesus Swept takes some focus when reading it. The narrow minded folks need not attempt it. It is dry humor needing a focused mind (not sure that adequately explains it). I told my wife that I grasped the whole drift after reading some pages, not unlike some Stephen King novels (which is one of my favorite authors).

Looking forward to what might come up next but from your short snipet you offered up, I think it will be nebulous at first. That seems to be your M.O. in your writings, James.

It does take work

Someone told me once that if you skip a sentence you may end up lost on the wrong end of the island.

The snippet from the new book I shared was from late in the narrative ... around page 150 ... part of a weird, chapter of craziness in a run-down apartment near Rising Sun, Maryland. It's the darkest section of the book. The rest is mostly fun and funny, taking on white supremacists, business consultants, farmers, and psychics. The main character is a woman, a psychic, who communicates mostly with milk cows.

I know.

Your writings are fabulous

I guess someone that read what I posted about Jesus Swept might think it was not SUCH a great book. Trust me, all, it was a G R E A T book. And, I am SO looking forward to James' next book coming out.

If you have yet to read his book, you can go to Amazon and buy it and have it delivered to you reasonably.

Just do it, okay? :)