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Perdue reboots agenda

Chris takes a close look at how the Governor is gearing up for the second year of her first term at NC Policy Watch. I'm mostly supportive of her agenda, and encourage her to add the color green to her jobs agenda wherever and whenever she can.

More on Perdue agenda

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Gov. Bev Perdue on Wednesday announced her major policy priorities for the coming year – jobs and the economy, education, setting government straight, and keeping communities safe. Gov. Perdue’s goals in each of these areas will help North Carolina emerge from the economic recession stronger than before. Governor Perdue outlined her initiatives during speeches to the Charlotte Chamber and the Greensboro Partnership this week.

For Gov. Perdue, keeping and growing jobs in North Carolina is her No.1 priority – and she recognizes the need for North Carolina to focus its economic development efforts not only on large companies, but also on the small businesses that make up 98% of all state businesses.

During her address, she announced the launch of a statewide small business initiative called Biz Boost. Biz Boost will help small businesses apply for credit, work on staffing, manage cash, and reduced costs. It will give small businesses access to the same kind of outside talent that big businesses often use to help them adapt and grow. The initiative has been successfully piloted already in Charlotte and will be replicated statewide through the Department of Commerce and the NC Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC).

Also, Gov. Perdue announced that during the spring legislative session she will propose tax incentives for small businesses that are born in North Carolina – create jobs in North Carolina – and stay in North Carolina.

“We must grow our own jobs and invest in our own businesses. We must strengthen the heart and soul of North Carolina’s economy: innovation and small business,” said Gov. Perdue.

In addition to her economic agenda, Gov. Perdue set out her agenda for education and government reform.

• Career and College – Ready, Set, Go! will refocus our state’s public schools on a single goal: every student, no matter where he or she live in North Carolina, must graduate from high school with what it takes to succeed in a career, in a two- or four-year college or technical training.

• Setting Government Straight: Strengthening ethics policies, zero-tolerance for unethical and illegal behavior, eliminating outdated programs and fighting waste, fraud and abuse including cracking down on Medicaid fraud.

• Keeping Communities Safe: continue taking steps to reform and strengthen public safety.

“I pledge to take reform to the next level. We will set government straight by cracking down on corruption — strengthening ethics — and fighting waste, fraud and abuse,” said Perdue. “We will set government straight by tightening our belts and doing more with less — just like families and businesses are doing all across North Carolina.”

Here is my take on this whole thing

If there is a preponderance of people in a community or a state or a country that live under the belief that whatever they do and no matter how much they try, they will be downtrodden people, then they will be downtrodden people. It is the reverse of "My Fair Lady". People are what they believe they are (Pygmalion effect).

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There is nothing more inspiring than things given to us by creative people. Great video, James. Thanks.

An excellent question

I'd love to hear from both Rep. Darren Jackson and Candidate Bonds here at BlueNC.

Background for others: Rep. Jackson was appointed to the District 39 House seat (easternish Wake County) when former Rep. Linda Coleman resigned to go to work for Gov. Perdue in Perdue's new administration. Rep. Jackson hit the ground running as the legislative session started and seems to have the confidence of his colleagues as he has been appointed to lead a select committee.

You may recall that it was Rep. Jackson who gave a very moving a personal speech in support of the anti-bullying bill on the floor of the House. It could be seen that many House members sent him notes and patted his back as he ended his remarks.

Rep. Jackson's site is here.

A Bonds web site is here. Her campaign site is here.

Both have been on the fundraising circuit.

There will almost certainly be a GOP challenger in the fall. This seat was formerly held by GOP Rep. Sam Ellis before Rep. Coleman took it a few terms ago.

Whack-a-doodle GOPer Duane Cutlip is likely to run again as he did in 2008, but even the Wake GOPers don't always seem to be fully behind this nutjob.

This district might end up with a primary on both sides.

Also, Jackson ran against Sam Ellis earlier in the decade and lost. I've forgotten if the district has been redrawn since then. Former Rep. Coleman dispatched her challengers fairly easily after her first win.




While the legal definition of an incumbent does include someone appointed to an office, I had a ground swell of communication from individuals in District 39 who want to be able to choose their representative in an election and participate in the democratic process.

Further, I believe women and minorities must challenge in elections in open seats and appointments in order to ensure opportunities for participation in elected bodies. Presently around 33% of the 120 members of the NC House are women.

I was a local elected official in this District for nine years.

I am happy to come back and discuss any issues.