Kissell and Etheridge and McIntyre, oh, my!!!

In case you haven't heard, these are Congressfolk from NC who DON'T SUPPORT HEALTHCARE REFORM. If you are from these districts, please let them know that they must stand with Democrats on reform NOW, we will not have this chance again for another generation. What is the alternative? Do nothing and have the system collapse? Vote with Republicans and make things worse for more people?

Representative Ethridge
North Carolina Toll Free Number: 1-888-262-6202

Representative McIntyre
(202) 225-2731

Representative Kissell
(202) 225-3715

When you call, tell the staffers...

*3 out of 4 NC residents want a public option

*AARP now supports the House bill pushing back on the messaging
that Seniors don't want health care reform

*People in NC are outraged over Blue Cross Blue Shield NC's
recent mailer that notified folks of increasing premiums and had the
audacity to ask them to not support a public option.

* Democrats can only be re-elected if they stand strong with other Democrats. Just ask Creigh Deeds.


And the DSCC is waiting for Etheridge

to step up and challenge Burr! Oh boy, another blue dog. I also read that the DSCC has been sending out mailers asking for contributions so they can help keep a dem majority. With Dems like that, who needs obstructionist repubs?

I was sent an email

from a progressive organization's New Media Specialist Center for Community Change/
Campaign for Community Change
330 7th Avenue, Suite 1802
New York, NY 10001

with talking points and an advisory that these three were "wavering" on their support for the bill. I suppose wavering could be interpreted as against. Have you spoken with anyone in his office? I'd be more than happy to change it to Kissell and McIntyre and Shuler, oh, my!!!


I think Etheridge is the one wavering

and Kissell, McIntyre and Shuler are no votes, so if anyone can be convinced it is Etheridge.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

sent this to my elist

The Charlotte Observer and Progressive Blogs are reporting that Rep Larry Kissell, D NC-08, who represents part of Charlotte is the only Democratic NO vote on health care reform in NC…..
there are also 3 undecided Dems (Shuler, McIntyre, Etheridge) from other parts of the State.

From Daily Kos…
Friday Night Whip Count for Health Care Bill
David Dayen has done tremendous work today keeping track of public statements from House members in health care.

These are those he has as definite no votes:
Adler, Baird, Boren, Bright, Childers, A. Davis, L. Davis, Gordon, P.Griffith, Herseth Sandlin, Kissell, Kosmas, Kratovil, Marshall, Massa, Matheson, McMahon, Melancon, Minnick, Peterson, Skelton, Stupak, Tanner, Taylor, Teague

Normally, I don't recommend calling representatives other than your own. But there's a big exception on that list for the netroots community. While Larry Kissell wasn't among the candidates on Daily Kos's Orange to Blue list last year, but over the last few years, netroots activists donated $485,795 to the Kissell campaign for Congress. If you were among those who donated, I don't think you'd be out of order in calling and asking for a refund.
Full story:

Here are some actions you can take:

1. If you contributed money to the Kissell campaign in the past as I have, Open Left has provided a way to contact Kissell’s re-elect campaign:
With the vote expected this weekend, today is ideal for campaign contributors, like you, to contact Congresman Kissell's re-election campaign office. Tell the campaign that, if Congressman Kissell votes against health care reform this weekend, you will be calling again on Monday to ask for your money back.

The number for the campaign office is 1-877-428-4048
The email is

2. If you voted, donated or volunteered for Kissell, call his office and tell them you'll sit out your support for him in 2010,and will support a primary opponent if he has one :
(202) 225-3715

Are you saying that you thought your donation bought a vote?

Because if you ask for your money back after this vote, that is exactly what it looks like. You thought you could buy a congressman.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm saying

I am doing everything in my power, meager though it may be to try and change Kissell's vote on Health care.

Because my son is one of the 50 million uninsured in this country...his small employer doesn't offer health care.
Because over the course of this year as I gathered support for health care reform, I spoke with countless voters who are without health insurance, who are suffering, who are fearful of losing evertyhing, or have lost everything.
Because I've spoken to doctors and nurses on the frontlines of healthcare in this country who say insurance companies routinely deny access to their patients.
Because I see the faces of the thousands waiting on line for free care ar Remote Area Medical events. Thousands who are working, but unable to receive the healthcare they need.
Because Charlotte's own Free clinic has people lined up at 1AM to see doctors at their clinic each day, and they have to turn some away.
Becuase thousand die each year in this country due to lack of health insurance.

So whatever small leverage I have, I will use it. We must pass healthcare reform;now is the time.

Just called Etheridge office

I just called Rep. Etheridge's office and they picked up right away, the woman said that Etheridge has been getting a lot of calls, and hasn't decided yet.

Why is it that Etheridge's office can bother answering the phone and Kissell's office can't?

GOP attacks Mike McIntyre for betraying his party

Just goes to show that no bad deed goes unpunished:

LELAND, NC – Frank Williams, Chairman of the N.C. 7th Congressional District Republican Party, made the following statement following Congressman Mike McIntyre’s announcement that he would vote against the health “reform” bill being pushed by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco):

“It is my understanding that Congressman McIntyre has at long last announced that he will vote against Speaker Pelosi’s health ‘reform’ bill. I challenge Congressman McIntyre to make an even bolder statement by publicly pledging not to support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker if he is re-elected. Congressman McIntyre’s biennial vote to re-elect Speaker Nancy Pelosi enables her left-wing agenda.”

the blue dogs and their ilk

have no idea what kind of a can of whoop-ass they are opening up by digging in their heels.