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James, that is hilarious

You know....the man should have just kept his mouth shut.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

All of that is appropriate, of course

I guess all of that is appropriate when talking about Fetzer (NCGOP Chairman) being gay/not being gay. But, at the end of the day, is there anything legitimate out there showing him actually being gay? I do not want to be the bad guy here on a mostly liberal-democrat blog such as BlueNC, but, I truly have never seen any evidence that showed proof that the "limp-wristed" Fetzer is, in fact, gay. And, even if he is, do we not just accept it as part of our "acceptance" of all people in our beliefs?

James/sharrison, I will most certainly catch hell over this. But, it is something we must think about. Yes, I know that we can say he "lied" about his sexual orientation and that this shows he and his party is disengenuous, but before we show hate for him because he hides what might be his true sexual orientation, we should be sure we do not have a great many of people in our own fold that are similar to him.

A more literal take on the topic

is linked here.

Note the last three paragraphs of the entry.

Portions linked worthy of note:

You see, according to the Republican Party, being gay is a crime of moral turpitude, it's disgraceful, and it's scurrilous to "accuse" someone of being gay. ...

And therein lies the disconnect between Republicans, especially their batshit crazy Christianist leaders, and normal society. Read the article again, but this time substitute "African-American" or "female" or "disabled" or any other immutable characteristic you like for the word "gay." Is it "scurrilous" to be a woman? Is saying someone isn't white defamatory? Can you imagine a lawsuit in 2009 claiming defamation because someone said the plaintiff was disabled? Even if you filed such a lawsuit, you'd be laughed out of court so fast, your head would spin.

Sadly, today's GOP is so tone-deaf about their own bigotry that they're willing to go to court to proclaim it. And they wonder why, in normal society (that is, everywhere but the mainstream corporate media), they're being marginalized ...


I am presenting bad news here, I am afraid

The "gay" issue which actually goes to the "gay marriage" issue in America remains solidly in the conservative camp across our nation. Before I am pounded for presenting this, know that I personally am in favor of gay rights and believe that people of all sexual persuasions should have the right to marry and have all rights and privileges therein. But, people that believe as I do cannot afford to stick our head in the sand with regard to the mood of the country. I offer up here polling data relating to this issue from "" which is an agency that does not take polls but reports results of most legitimate polling agencies:

Not bad news

You're not presenting bad news.

You're presenting some polling equality advocates are already aware of.

Putting the civil rights of a minority to a plebiscite is both un-American and constitutionally abhorrent.

I would also submit that gay issues do not simply go to the marriage issue.

Polling on ending the ridiculously out-of-date Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy consistently polls over 60%...even for conservatives.

There's a lot of work to do for equality and some issues poll better than others at a given time.

Equality should not, and does not, depend on polling.


True, username

Good analysis. It is a good way to look at it and makes a lot of sense. I just cannot understand what makes so many people not feel that the marriage issue is just an extension of the total issue of equality in our country.

It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up sometimes.