Kissell gets some fundraising help from VPOTUS

Last night Larry Kissell got a little help raising money for his 2010 bid from Vice President Joe Biden. The fundraiser was held in the historic Cleveland Park home of Susie and William Taylor.

There were around 60 people in attendance including Charlotte Democrat Mel Watt, NC-12. Rep. Watt has been a supporter of Rep. Kissell since 2006 when Kissell narrowly lost to Robin Hayes. That year he hosted an event featuring Rep. Artur Davis in Charlotte. At the time both men were lobbying the DCCC to take notice of Kissell's upstart grassroots campaign.

When Larry introduced Vice President Biden, he said:

“There’s something magical about someone from a textiles background, and who was teaching high school civics a year ago, to be standing up here with the vice president. That’s a miracle. That’s what makes this country great.”

Biden recognized the tough times most of the 8th District is facing acknowledging the heavy job losses suffered in the area. He also pointed out that he and Rep. Kissell came from similar economic backgrounds and may be the only members of Congress who received a raise in pay when they arrived in Washington.

Biden also acknowledged the grief Kissell took over his vote for the Recovery Act.

“He had the nerve and the wisdom to take a chance, even though I know you got the living devil beat out of you at home.”

Kissell is still taking grief from folks on the far right and the far left about one vote or another, but the folks who make up the majority of voters think he's doing a great job. I have yet to run into anyone in the district who doesn't have something good to say about Larry Kissell.



There was also a big fundraiser for Larry in Charlotte

It was Monday evening of this week. My mother attended and said there was a nice crowd there.

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So we know who Rahm want's

as a US Senator from NC, but do we want what Rahm wants?

I believe his choice of Heath Shuler was a bit of a disappointment for progressives in NC.


Not quite sure where that comes in on a post about Larry Kissell...but...whatever.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Do you think the VP came here on his own?

Rahm had to bless this move so early in the political process.

Usually the party does not get involved in primary races, but they have made their choice in Dec 09.

The VP didn't come here

The fundraiser was held in DC and Rahm was the person responsible for ignoring Larry in 2006. Larry is running for re-election to his house seat and currently doesn't have any primary opposition.

This has nothing to do with the senate seat.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Barb Barrett's in-depth piece on Kissell

as found in the CharO. It's pretty accurate, but have to make the point that some of our finest politicians and public servants have been awful at raising money for themselves. Some people don't make the distinction between candidate and public servant.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.