Richard Burr refuses to debate Ken Lewis on healthcare

According to Senator Burr, he is refusing to debate Ken Lewis on healthcare. His reasons are horse shit.

Dear Friend,

I wanted to let you know about 2 very important events coming up this week related to healthcare.

The first event is a live call in show on UNC-TV concerning the issue of healthcare. This event will be on Tuesday, August 25th at 9:00pm. I will be joined by Congressmen Watt, Etheridge, Price and Miller. I encourage you to call into the show to not only ask me about where I stand on the issue of healthcare, but where these other elected officials stand as well. You may submit questions in advance at,, or by calling the program live at 1-877-885-4371.

You may or may not have heard about a debate challenge I issued to the 3 potential Democratic primary candidates for the U.S. Senate last week. Recently I received an invitation to debate Kenneth Lewis on the issue of healthcare. I responded to Mr. Lewis by stating I would be more than happy to debate on the issue of healthcare as long as Cal Cunningham and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall would participate as well. The people of North Carolina deserve to hear where the potential Democratic nominees stand on this crucial issue.

I asked my staff to reach out to the North Carolina Medical Society to see if they would be willing to host this debate. The Medial Society agreed to host the debate as long as all 3 would attend. Unfortunately, my office received word from Mr. Cunningham that he would not participate and we did not hear back from Secretary Marshall. Mr. Lewis did agree and I want to commend him for his willingness to let North Carolinians know where he stands on this issue. However, I made it clear that I would not engage in political stunts designed to elevate one candidate over the other. Instead I will be participating in a forum with Medical Society members to share with them my plan for healthcare. To learn more about my plan for healthcare please visit,

Kind Regards

Richard Burr
United States Senator


The Richard Burr Committee
P.O. Box 5928
Winston-Salem, NC 27113-5928

'Nuff said. Lewis is ready and willing. Burr is the one hiding behind Cal Cunningham and Elaine Marshall.


I just want to know who is going to accuse

Mel Watt, David Price and Brad Miller of looking like Blue Dogs b/c they dare to "appear" on a show with Richard Burr.


Burr is doing everything possible to appear more moderate. He is a George Bush Republican. We can't let the voting public forget that.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I don't blame Cal or Elaine for not jumping when Burr says jump

Richard Burr should not put himself in charge of either their decision making process or their candidacy announcement. He should worry more about his own damn self.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It's called the Old Custer Defense by Burr?

When you are surrounded by Indians, the first thing you do is challenge the head indian and than claim he bought a Gun to a Hacket fight!


His spokesbot said he'd debate all Democratic candidates. Ken Lewis is the only declared candidate ... the only person who legitimately meets Burr's criteria for the debate. And now the Burr demurs?

Burr may be racist ... but more likely he and his staff are simply incompetent.

I hate the "racist" label

It appears that the race card will be played with regard to Ken Lewis when he runs for senate in NC. I hate this. If we are to be people that consider candidates based on their qualifications, race shouldn't be a consideration. I think that tactic may backfire if used.

Don't get me wrong here. I think Burr doesn't represent our state well and doesn't spend enough time here and appears to be more involved with keeping his seat than representing we citizens of NC. But, we need to be honest and make sure Lewis isn't just elected because of his race and because it will make NC appear more politically correct rather than electing the best person for the job. Hopefully we'll have many democrats to choose from so there can be a primary for us to choose the best person running against Burr.

I don't think Burr is racist

I was trying to respond to the previous comment by saying that, sure, maybe Metatron is right ... but now that I think of it, I need to have my head examined.