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Report from the Raleigh Tea Party

Because I live downtown, I hopped on my bike and road to the Halifax Mall to check out "Americans for Prosperity's" Tea Party.

First, it was a pretty good crowd. Not huge, but polite. Probably around 2K. I wore a local city councilor T-shirt and no one talked to me or harassed me. When Obama was there, several times bigger, and Anti-War rallies in Raleigh were significantly larger, but not bad for 6 pm on a Wednesday.

It was not the most diverse lot. I saw 5 African Americans, 3 Indian people, no Hispanics, and only two teabags. (I think they got the message.) Most were middle age white, some young folks, but hey, they did not strike me as the elite of society, and I applaud that they took the time. I don't agree with much they support, (I mean it doesn't take a lot of political courage to oppose a tax increase,) but on occasion they make a point that makes sense, and we should always welcome dissent, and take a look.

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