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When the empire strikes back, what does an Insurance Commissioner dedicated to public transparency do?

Skullduggery was afoot on Monday by one powerful state Senator that would have raised insurance rates on every North Carolina family, driver, and small business. (Yes, on automobiles, homes, workers compensation, businesses, etc., etc.)

Just in case you had not heard about it, Monday was indeed quite the day. In a move reminiscent of a 2007 ploy documented here and here at Wayne's World, it was "back to the future" with an "under cover of darkness" attempt to strip the Insurance Commissioner's authority to (a) control and cap insurance rates, (b) hold public hearings, and (c) otherwise hold accountable the insurance industry and protect consumers.

So what did Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin do in response? He went public to shine light on the shenanigans, conducting an emergency press conference immediately before the Senate committee was going to rubber-stamp the hidden provision. A bevy of TV, radio, newspaper and blogosphere journalists turned out as he revealed what was afoot.

NC Drivers Start Receiving $50 Million in Insurance Refunds Today!

Commissioner Goodwin orders approximately one million policyholders to receive checks totaling $50 million

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin wants to remind North Carolinians that starting this week, approximately one million policyholders will begin receiving refund checks from their auto insurance companies totaling more than $50 million. The refund distribution is a result of the 2009 auto rate settlement with the N.C. Rate Bureau (NCRB) that Commissioner Goodwin signed last July.

Goodwin: Leadership Doesn't Come from Limbaugh & Beck

During the past week Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin visited with hundreds of voters in three more counties.

In Harnett, Wake and Mecklenburg Counties he updated audiences about the good news and good work of their Department of Insurance. He focused on how he and his team have saved consumers statewide more than $650 million during his short 18 months in office already.

Goodwin also expressed his frustration and concerns about the level of uncivil political discourse.

Op-Ed from Wayne Goodwin About New Health Insurance Law

Many consumers across North Carolina have questions about what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009, or the health care reform bill, means to their lives and their specific circumstances.

While the N.C. Department of Insurance and other involved agencies are making headway in sorting through the countless details and interpretations included in the health care reform bill, there are still a lot of unknowns.

Commissioner Goodwin Leads National Discussion of Readability Standards for Insurance Policies

NAIC public hearing explores the issue of the use of consumer-friendly, "plain language" in insurance policies

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin announced his participation in the national discussion surrounding the need for insurance policies - particularly health insurance policies - to use plain, more consumer-friendly language.

Insurance Commissioner Goodwin: NC Has the Lowest Auto Rates in the South!

"We're the Largest State in the Whole Country with the Lowest Insurance Rates," He Says

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin today announced that North Carolina drivers pay an average of $591.11 each year for auto insurance, the 8th lowest in the country and the lowest in the South according to a report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Watch short "Operation Medicine Drop" video

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin reported on "Operation Medicine Drop" here at this site previously. Now, take approximately three minutes to learn in a nutshell about the program from the accompanying video. You'll hear first-hand from Commissioner Goodwin, and leaders from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the State Capitol Police.


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