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Goodwin Launches New Year with New Website, New Facebook Page

Now that 2011 began mere minutes ago, please visit my brand new campaign Facebook page (I hope you'll "Like It" and recommend it to your Facebook friends!) and also take a short stroll through my completely revised, new campaign website which is linked on the site and in this very sentence.

Both the website homepage (www.WayneGoodwin.org) and the Facebook wall have a short intro video from me on them.

Happy New Year, friends and visitors ... Onward to 2012!

Raleigh Business Owner Charged With Illegally Dropping Health Insurance for Employees

North Carolina's Insurance Commissioner, Wayne Goodwin, and the Department of Insurance are going after yet another person charged with illegally dropping health insurance for employees of a small business. See the accompanying WRAL-TV video about it or check out the official press release from the Department here.

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin Teaches Cleveland County Junior Firefighters

Knowing that it's never too early to reach out and recruit firefighters and to educate folks on the ingredients for home fire prevention, State Fire Marshal Wayne Goodwin is shown here extolling the virtues of his message to a gaggle of firehat-wearing 1st graders from Shelby, North Carolina. He met with students, educators, and local officials at the Cleveland County Agriculture Fair. Goodwin also serves as the statewide elected Commissioner of Insurance.

AARP Highlights Public Financing of Elections, Good Government: Profiles NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin

AARP has just published an enlightening national article - at this link here - highlighting North Carolina's public financing of elections program, which currently involves three Council of State offices (including Insurance Commissioner) and statewide judicial races.

Good News When It's Rare - Part 2: Goodwin, BCBSNC Agree on Historic Refunds

Several months ago I penned - typed? - an entry entitled "Good News When It's Rare". In the news these days, particularly with election season bringing out some of the worst in various folks, good news is often overshadowed or crowded out.

Well, in case you missed it somehow, some of the best news in a long time happened last week and it involved historic insurance refunds I announced totalling $155.8 million for 215,000+ policyholders, savings of an additional $14 million on premiums, cutting of filed rates for certain health insurance policies, and a special visit I made to the White House.

And kudos as well to BCBSNC CEO Brad Wilson for his leadership and partnership, as well as to my agency technical experts, in making this success come about.

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin: "Strong Encouragement", Cooperation Led to Historic, Huge Health Insurance Refund

North Carolina's state Commissioner of Insurance, Wayne Goodwin, today held a major press conference at his Raleigh office.

Joining him at the surprise press conference was Brad Wilson, CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.

WRAL-TV highlights Gloria Williams' fight against insurance giant

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin and the Department of Insurance assist almost one hundred thousand North Carolinians every year with insurance complaints and concerns. However, occasionally consumers fight the fight themselves. Most often they don't win on their own.

But one inspiring example of a consumer who fought an insurance giant and won is at this link to WRAL-TV's special coverage that aired on August 30th. Or, you can watch the embedded news link below.

Triad Area (Greensboro/Winston-Salem) Fundraiser for NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin

NC Senator and Mrs. Don Vaughan cordially invite you to the


for NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin
September 23, 2010 (Thursday)

5:30-7:30 pm

902 Sunset Drive, Greensboro

Sponsorship Levels: $1000 - $500 - $250

Suggested Donation: $100/person

Please make your personal or PAC check out to
"The Goodwin Committee"
and mail to P.O. Box 27841, Raleigh NC 27611;


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