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Ned Barnett's Editorial About NC's Higher Health Insurance Premiums

Already online tonight, linked here and below, is a Ned Barnett editorial based on a lengthy interview he and I had a few days ago. If the State of North Carolina had taken my recommendations from 2010-2013 then health insurance rates for many individuals and families would be lower now in 2015, 2016 and the foreseeable future than what we are experiencing now. The editorial should appear in the print Sunday version of the N&O tomorrow. I welcome your feedback.

Re-focus needed

A few days ago I had the privilege of addressing Scotland County citizens in Laurinburg. Here's a link to the newspaper coverage of my visit.

Among my comments, there is this assertion:

“For us to govern, we’ve got to win first, and for us to win we’ve got to get our message out, and for us to get our message out we’ve got to be organized, and for us to be organized we’ve got to have meetings like this even on rainy, dreary days,” Goodwin said from inside the Atkinson Street American Legion post.

In the coming months heading into 2016 we have an obligation - a civic duty - as North Carolina citizens to speak up, organize and rally voters to turn out on Election Day. Too much hangs in the balance for the State we love (and its future) for us to do otherwise.

Homeowners Insurance Decision: Zero Change = $600 Million Savings

It's been a long time since I've posted here but I thought folks would appreciate hearing some (good) news.

Here's a link to the press release and the full Order I issued on Thursday afternoon, plus additional information. This was the first hearing (i.e., trial) on the subject of homeowners insurance in North Carolina since 1992.

And, here is a link to the News & Observer article and a link to WRAL's coverage of the matter.

It's Tinfoil Hat Time for Mike Causey, Tea Party candidate for NC Insurance Commissioner

You are invited to read about Causey's various foibles, fables, and foul-ups at these links:

Tin Foil Hat Time

The Mike Causey Lie Train

Nullification? Causey is whistling Dixie.

The above are the most recent items of note, and do not even get into his campaign finance scandal and ongoing investigation by the State Board of Elections where his reports have been found to be thousands of dollars off, and the federal tax liens and bankruptcy.

Connect with Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin on Facebook and Twitter

From a news release linked here:

It is an exciting time for North Carolina politics! As the 2012 campaign season heats up, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is ramping up his efforts to reach out to voters, colleagues and supporters.

Goodwin’s website has been redesigned to make it easy to find the latest news about his service to North Carolina, watch video messages on YouTube, or follow his updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Goodwin has made transparent and open government a cornerstone of his efforts in the office of Insurance Commissioner. Creating a clear and open dialogue with citizens is equally important in his campaign.

“I love to talk to North Carolinians about the issues that are most important to them,” Goodwin said. "North Carolina is a big state, but social media can bring us together almost instantly."

Learn more at www.waynegoodwin.org and/or follow on Twitter @WayneGoodwinNC.

Insurance Commissioner Goodwin Fines CIGNA HealthCare of North Carolina $600,000

As a consequence, company also issues refunds and credits of $638,000 to overcharged policyholders. Total impact: $1.3 MILLION.

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin today announced a settlement with CIGNA Healthcare of North Carolina, Inc. over violations discovered during a routine market conduct examination. The settlement resulted in a fine of $600,000 on top of the refund of $638,000 to policyholders (individuals and businesses). As required by state law, the monetary penalty component collected will be distributed to the state public school system.


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