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Corporations strike back

Ahhh, now we see what the reason for all those exorbitant profits were really for -- bad weather.

“Business Mobilizes to Defend Turf; Firms Plot Campaigns to Counter Effects of Democrats' Agenda,” by John D. McKinnon and John J. Fialka, Wall Street Journal. 1/4/07.

The industries that expect to take the biggest hits from the new Democratic Congress are scrambling their marketing, public-relations and advertising forces to shore up their defenses.

Eager to demonstrate a sharp contrast with Republicans who dominated Capitol Hill for 12 years, new Democratic leaders are vowing to raise the federal minimum wage; reduce oil-company subsidies; give the government bargaining authority in purchasing Medicare prescription drugs; shrink student-loan fees; and impose mandatory controls on emissions of carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

The Fundamental and Core Issues for 2008 and Beyond!!

John Boy Edward does nothing for the fundamentals of democracy, save Kucinich and Nader. No one else qualifies that I have heard.

First of all: why do we, the people, allow the candidates to frame the issues? I think we should define those and demand answers, if not on specifics, general philosophies!

Ask them the below questions (yes, I am hung up on this item). For example:

What will he or she do to repeal the Patriot Act, all of it? What about the Military Commissions Act and all amendments associated with both?

What will he or she do to repeal the Bankruptcy Act? What will he or she do to corral the egregious interest rates allowed today by national law? How will he tackle the out of control financial community and its international arbitrage - against us?

What will he or she do to corral finance companies (think anti-trust)?

Democratic Majority-The Right Things to Do


Well, here we head into the New Year with a Congress in Washington nominally headed by the Democrats, or by what pass today for Democrats.

They have said: they don't see impeachment in the cards; they will fund the war; better they will fund the so-called "surge" into Iraq, an endless quagmire of American making.

So, what moral and legal imperatives might linger in the wings, which these wimps will surely ignore:

1. Get out of Iraq forthwith! No arguing, no matter the mechanism. The war is an illegal invasion by immoral and incompetent people, supported and directed by a criminal conspiracy which includes far too much of Congress.

2. Most acts committed by this administration are clearly criminal, felonies. To fail to bring indictments against these self-professed criminals is to be party to and culpable in their crimes? Do we have a Democratic leadership, such as it claims to be, which will clearly and competently understand its own continued complicity in these illegalities by looking aside? Since a sitting president cannot be prosecuted for acts of crime while in office, und a special prosecutor to investigate and indict all in the white house, major agencies, the Justice Department and the AG as criminals. That should decapitate this criminal conspiracy.


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