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More proud moments for NC

According to RawStory, the KKK in Reidsville has scheduled a cross burning social event in that vicinity. You can listen to the local KKK idiot: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/05/22/kkk-invites-nc-residents-to-whites-only-cross-burning/ . Have not seen one mention in the lamestream media. Want to bet they will ignore it.

Then there is that raving moron "preacher" in Catawba who wants to round up all the homosexuals and pen them with electric fences - till they die.

Has all of NC lost their blooming marbles, totally. As I put it in forwarding the KKK article, Timmy McVeigh has brothers and sisters in Reidsville. Wonder if the FBI, so busy with preemptive sting operations against protesters will list these KKK morons as potential terrorists - naw, theys just good ole boys.

Wonder what else will make us proud of NC further?

Parker Rightfully Won, the Royalists Were Defeated, Get Behind Him!

Ok folks, fun's over.

The Gov, COS, and the consultants ran a power play, and lost, flat lost. The right person won. Now, get behind him, there are a number of elections to win this year.

I watch a lot of people carp and dither about this and that. Go down to your local Democratic Party HQ and do the phone work, the canvassing, the voter registration, the data entry, and all the other scut work to get Obama elected, and oh by the way, all of the local and state candidates. Dont like that, then get off your butts and go raise funds, we really need them. If you do not understand that this is a fight to the death, and that it will only end in our death as a political entity, you are not helping, you are likely the opposition.

Letter to SEC Dem Sent 5/5/12

Just posted this to entire SEC two hours ago. By tomorrow, it will be a real storm. But, there was no information coming from anywhere, a complete vacuum. Hopefully this stimulates some inter-SEC dialogue before Saturday.

To SEC Members:

A Foolish Rush to Judgment about David Parker!

I have watched as the farce played out since last year, about the crucifixion of David Parker by people who appear incompetent or asleep including some high elected Democratic officials. I am a Democrat and NCDP SEC member vitally concerned for our Party.

Two Life Changing Novels - quote

A fantastic quote bubbled up in comments the other day:

“There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves Orcs.”

-John Rogers

Kay Hagan--Tax Avoidance by Corporate Profits Repatriation-She has a little bill

I did not see any mention of Kay Hagan working with McClain in Senate on bill to repatriate some trillions of corporate profits stranded offshore at some ridiculously low (5%?) rate. Check N&O last Friday, Oct 7, 2011. She waxes righteous about making sure that if companies do not comply with concurrent jobs creation part of the bill, we could clawback some of the money. Now, for starters that is sheer horse pooky. The Obama Justice Dpt has not managed to enforce anything of value or pursue massive leads from the financial sector. The SEC is piddling in place, as is the FDIC, OCC and all the other underfunded watchdogs.

Kay is frankly a Republican, disguised as a Blue Dog, and secure in her seat until 2014, when as result of this play, she will be showered with corporate plunder randomly by all. Her arguments are of the caliber one would expect from a fourth grader, not a legislator, attorney and ex-banker (oops, that is the real problem).

Pope Aided Koch Brothers, But By How Much

Article in News and Observer goes once over lightly relationship between Pope Art and the Kochs but sheds no light anywhere. Nowhere does it mention (1) Pope being a director for Americans for Properous or (2) the money most likely funneled via Pope from Kochs into NC politics, for Republicans. This article is on par with most "mainstream" media output on Kochs and Pope, and people like them.

New Video by Brave New Foundation on Koch Brothers and Wake Schools

Just found a new video from Brave New Foundation on Wake County schools, Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity-and the fight of 2009. Look here.
It is entitled, "Why do the Koch Brothers want to end public education". Send the link to all your friends and family.

As usual, it is well done.


Conyers Jerks up Obama's Chain on SS, Medicare, Medicaid

Conyers video just called out Obama for attacking SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. He was plain ticked off and said so. Obama is working hard on no second term right now, abandoning his base, reneging on promises, and debranding the Demcratic Party. Frankly it is not clear that Obama regards the Democratic Party as necessary for much of anything, and post 2012 that is surely the case.

http://tinyurl.com/3gt42lq Conyers video

At another FDL posting, reported demonstration at Obama Campaign HQ in California. Reported complete lack of concern by campaign staff.

http://tinyurl.com/3cwjaxp Demonstration post FDL
Video at: http://wp.me/p3xLR-sc

All this certainly sends a message of huris, arrogance and ignorance - and this man is the titular head of the Democratic Party!


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