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Message from Chair, NCDP, Randy Voller

Got this Sunday from Randy Voller - thought I would share it. He recommends a number of things here.

Message from NCDP Chair, Randy Voller

Due to the NCDP's efforts with the Blue Ballot statewide we won three supreme court seats, two appellate court seats, and if we could have had more time to pull our folks together on the third race we would have won that appellate court seat, too.

Mentally ill prisoner dies of dehydration

Here is a clear statement of our humanity and the way we treat "difficult" people. And with more cuts coming from the Teabilly NCGA, they will only add more stress to the system of prisons and hospitals through understaffing, as has always been the case with mental illness treatment. Inhumane and criminal.


The media assault on Obama ignored, scorned

Here is a great article by Tom Hartmann pointing out that the GOP strategy was to make Obama THE ISSUE, and it worked thanks to Democrat leaders and others who did not counter and point out the billions spent since 2008 on that single effort with the media. It is clear that the down ballot Teabillies and echo-chamber media on the right did get the word. This was one massive unforced error over six years on part of Democratic Party.

How did running away from Obama work for ya? Kay?

Just how did running away from Obama work for ya, Kay? And the rest of the Senatorial candidates who did so?

And just how well did taking the coordinated campaign from NCDP work out for you and your friends? Well, sure divided the party long term. Wonder if the small "d" democrats will be allowed some minuscule part in the NC Democratic Party, or will the Hunt faction continue to attempt to "take over" for the big money Democrats and the Clintonistas, currently sharpening their harpies claws in their roosts around the Raleigh and Charlotte beltways.

Asset Stripping, Looting Pensions and Other Chicanery, Like Stealing Public Education Funds

There is one common thread here: The banksters and financial crooks after all public monies, such as
Social Security, education, pensions, etc. They want all those monies to flow through their private
pipes, giving rise to the law Janet Cowell proposed which would leave us totally blind. We just
give them money, close eyes, ask no questions - and poof, win or lose, and in any case they
get more fees, and more fees, and more fees.

Looting the Pension Funds - Taibbi

Dueling bills address transparency of NC pension fund investments

Pensiongate? Christie Campaign Donors Won Huge Contracts

Is New Jersey Fudging Its Pension Fund Results to Defuse a Christie Scandal?

Governor Hunt Gave Justin Burr, Republican legislator, $1000 in Oct 2013 -- WTH

What the heck is going on? N&O reported that Governor Jim Hunt gave Justin Burr, a Republican, $1000 in 2013. Any one know what is going on here. Representative Justin Burr is one of the most vicious Teabillies in NC. Surely this must be a mistake, but I looked it up on NC BOE compliance reports my self.

I am also worried about Governor Hunt's consorting as of late with Governor McCrory concerning education, including the Emerging Issues Forum. While Governor Hunt is much concerned about education, as are those among us who are rational about education, which does not include McCrory, I feel that McCrory is using Governor Hunt as cover for the depredations that he and his Teabillies in the legislature have forced on education among other things. Meanwhile, the NCDP is and has been struggling for money to sustain operations. I guess one might call out, like the boy in Shane, "Jim, Jim, come back Jim".


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