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The ongoing dialogue about Race, or White Supremacy


How the racists of the South have ruled this nation from the very beginning.

White people now whining about reverse racism, whatever that is, should read this article, and the book behind it, Edward E. Baptist in The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism".

Where was Kay? And her campaign staff? Not at SEC

Where was Kay Hagan and her staff at the SEC Saturday to thank Democrats for supporting her in her campaign? Well, no where to be seen or heard. Come on Senator Hagan, you could have spared two hours for a ride to Pittsboro to simply get on the podium and tell your supporters thanks. You might even have sent a recording or a letter - but, no the sound of one hand clapping. Think you might need the "little people", the voters again? Now is the time to build bridges.

And by the way, quit the Thirdway.

Right and left in the Democratic party

"Spurred by Midterm Losses, Liberal and Moderate Democrats Square Off Over Strategy" NYT

Here is a clear argument between Left and Right in the Democratic Party at this time, and going forward. It is interesting that the Third Way, successor to the DLC as the center right of the Democrats, is co chaired by Kay Hagan, and most of the losing Democratic senators were blue dogs.

And, as pointed out by the article, this has implications for the candidacy of Hillary Clinton in 2016, which many take as a given, which would put the War Party back into the saddle (even more than current events) and pandering to Wall Street and the banksters would increase. Can you spell oligarchy, on steroids. Total surrender to the GOP would be slightly worse. President Cruz anyone?

How Thom Tillis Defeated One of the Best Campaigns of 2014 (Roll Call)

How Thom Tillis Defeated One of the Best Campaigns of 2014

Sort of a simple minded review of the Tillis-Hagan election. The Hagan folks do not do well to insist they would change nothing - like running actively from Obama.

Poverty in NC - we promote it, have we no shame?


25% of NC children are in poverty. 40% of minority children are. Read this Policywatch article. Have we no shame? Will the GOP NCGA, bought and brought to us by Governor Art Pope take any actions to ameliorate this. And as it points out, to help the children, you have to help the parents! Like not killing unemployment insurance, like expanding Medicaid.


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