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Obama campaign resorting to "Politics as Usual" on Edwards - Where's the Hope?

First, I want to say, I have resisted calling out Obama's campaign for the most part, however, when I have stood up for Obama in several diaries against the Clinton smear machine, I took comfort that both campaigns had a common adversary - Clinton. Furthermore, most people here agree that Clinton has resorted to these attacks as a sign of desperation and illustrates the sinking of her campaign.
Now, Obama, less than a week later, is engaging in the exact same type of politics against Edwards. And these attacks are so baseless. It would have been different if Obama's campaign manager - who was Edwards' campaign manager in 2004, was not contradicting himself on Edward's record. It reeks of political desperation and to be fair to Obama, he should not be blamed for Axelrod's idiocy. (Stop listening to him Obama- he is making you look bad)
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Want Protest music? One word:FLOBOTS

It is a rare treat when something makes you take notice of something new.
This past fall during the national war protests, I got to see FLOBOTS in Denver, Colorado.
Let me just say that although I was impressed then, I only got to see a partial band performance, with not all of the members. Since then, I have seen them on Denver Open Media which seeks to grant us all access to the tv airwaves - something I think is truly important to reclaiming our democracy. FLOBOTS is now getting some airplay on the radio, and well, if you have missed the bands that spoke to truth to power, then check these guys out.

Latest poll, Edwards does best against GOP

CNN is just releasing a poll showing Edwards is doing the best against all Republicans and has the highest margin of victory in General Election matchups.

Interviews with 1,002 adult Americans conducted by telephone
by Opinion Research Corporation on December 6-9, 2007. The
margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample
is plus or minus 3 percentage points.


bye bye Clinton inevitability...Your Iran vote is calling...Edwards, Obama moving up,

Huffington post has the Iowa Independent ratings for how the Iowa caucus will turn out on January 3rd. Based on information revealed recently on John Edwards' campaign, their rankings put him at the top for January 3rd.

as revealed Monday morning on a conference call, the former North Carolina senator has recruited multiple precinct captains in 87% of Iowa's precincts, demonstrating the continuing superiority of his grassroots organization.


Clinton could have defeated Edwards yesterday...but didn't

This week's Nation article has a very good argument about Senator Clinton's missed Golden opportunity.
She could have voted "NO" on the Peru Free Trade Agreement.

Had Clinton joined Edwards in opposing the Peru FTA, she would have stolen the spotlight from the candidate with whom she is competing for labor support while at the same time identifying herself as more attuned to the concerns of working Americans than Obama.

It would have been a political masterstroke.

Thanks to John Nichols.

If you don't support Mukasey, why would you support Hillary?

Why would I or should I vote for someone who can not answer a yes or no question?
If we are mad because Mukasey will not answer a yes or no question on whether or not waterboarding is torture, then why would we support a presidential candidate, who is going to inherit all of these powers of Bush, if they won't answer a yes or no question. The last time we had a unitary executive this strong, it resulted in Nixon resigning and new laws like FISA being established. This time, (if we get to the elections - Hello Pakistan) the next president is going to be in charge of an executive branch of government that is more powerful than ever. WE need to ensure that the next president is straightforward and honest.
This is why we should not support Clinton - she is triangulating and I don't know what deal she has made with Rupert Murdoch. It is the same reason why we should not support Mukasey for the Attorney General.

On Edwards, why Kos is wrong, and why Clinton won't win

Recently,on October 14th, I had the opportunity to meet and interview John Edwards and get to see him speak to a small audience in North Carolina. Some of the notable points of the evening were the following.
First, the Lieberman Kyl bill had just been voted on by the Senate, and Edwards was already going on the offensive on Clinton's vote in support of that bill.
At that point, there had been no threats or sanctions by Bush or Cheney, yet Edwards was already ahead of the curve on the danger of supporting this bill. Now Iowa voters are catching on, and are even booing Clinton at Iowa rallies for this vote.

More Endorsements for Edwards, SD Congresswoman Herseth-Sandlin D-South Dakota

Recently,at our Eleanor Roosevelt dinner here in Jefferson County, Colorado, I was able to speak to South Dakota Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin.
She was nice enough to take the time to tell me why she was endorsing Johhn Edwards for President.

We need a president who is not a Johnny-come-lately to biofuels, wind, and solar energy and other renewable energies, and that rural America can be part of that answer. That is why I am supporting John Edwards for President

Elizabeth Edwards on Labor, Unionization, Big Business and the future Edwards Administration

With the endorsement of labor groups soon to come for John Edwards, I thought it would be a good time to post up another interview - this time with Elizabeth Edwards as she came through Denver back in July. I have to tell you that this interview was not scheduled, I just happened to be where she was going to speak, at the AFL-CIO union hall, and as luck would have it, she was nice enough to agree to talk on camera. (it also important to note that thethe AFL-CIO has the highest rate in new membership in 2 generations. (thanks Miss Laura)

I have long been an Edwards supporter, but I was still quite pleased to find out just how personable and genuine Ms. Edwards was. Also, this was my second on-camera interview, and Ms. Edwards demeanor and professionalism made me feel at ease which helped me conduct the interview without being too nervous.

Another Clinton Administration=More Union busting, weaker middle class

With the recent implementation of the Mexican trucking company portion of Clinton's NAFTA bill, we are seeing the race to the bottom for wages and good jobs in the United States. The only good jobs that NAFTA could not outsource were shipping jobs, and now that is being dismantled.
With Union buster, Mark Penn working on Hillary's campaign, I have no doubt that her administration will be business as usual and her "it takes a village" will actually be "so lets make our country more like a village in the third world"

We need a president who will defend our jobs and will stand for Unions.


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