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Stimulus day - Obama in CO - and on budgets, dems do know best

Lately, Republicans are constantly telling me new theories about Barack Obama or the democrats, including how the dems were planning to "turn the country socialist." (even as our Republicans are calling for the Nationalization of our banks) Even worse, is the claim that Bill Clinton is to blame for the economy.

Mark Cuban's insider trading charge-more Rovian payback?

Today the SEC filed insider trading charges against Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban.
No big deal? Think again.Here is the background on why this is happening. Cuban made his money as the founder of HDTV and the HD cable network. In 2003, Bethany MacLean and Peter Elkind of Fortune Magazine had penned a best selling book, Enron: the Smartest Guys in the room, the rise and fall of Enron, and were trying to get the story made into a movie.
Not so surprisingly, there were no studios willing to take a chance on a story that attacks Bush buddies at Enron at the time when Bush was riding a wave of popularity after 9/11,the Iraq War, and the Global War on Terror.
That is when Mark Cuban stepped in and decided to become the executive producer of the project and make the movie in his own HD movie studio.
My guess is that merited this retaliation.
Read on...

How to stay involved after the election

"Are you suffering from rested feet, restless dial finger syndrome, or general lack of wonkitis? You may be suffering from post-election blues. Yes, after an election where you have spent every waking moment on a campaign, there can be side effects that occur after the election. Well, finally there is some relief for post-election blues, and it is also a great way to stay involved."

(read instructions below carefully, and if symptoms persist, ask your Doctor about Universal Healthcare)

vindication for Kissell (NC) and Markey (CO)

Over this past election cycle, I was fortunate enough to actually meet candidates I like and interview them. I sought out Larry Kissell and Betsy Markey because their opponents, Robin Hayes and Marilyn Musgrave, both betrayed their constituents by supporting the job killing CAFTA agreement.
As you may know, his opponent, Robin Hayes, has been caught lying about saying liberals are people who hate America.
Betsy's opponent Musgrave, is running ads that have earned her the label of 'an agent of hate'
I was glad to find that both Larry and Betsy were impressive in their own right and had many important leadership qualities that were much more in line with the constituents of their district. Watch their interviews below...

RFK Jr. speaks out on voter purges on Rachel Maddow

As you may have read in my past posts on the GOP stealing the election in Colorado, you know that those of us in Colorado are frankly worried about the real possibility of our votes being stolen on election day.

I wanted you to see the people coming together to protest the corrupt actions of our Secretary of State, Mike Coffman, and highlight the Rolling Stone Article and of course RFK jr on Rachel Maddow.
There are people working hard on this here in Colorado, but it is troubling to hear from RFK Jr. that this is systematically going on in several states, from Ohio, to West Virginia to North Carolina to others.

Co Sec. of State - stealing election for McCain

In this article, I wrote about how the Secretary of State of Colorado, Mike Coffman is engaging in activities that would make it easy to steal Colorado's votes, and the national election, for McCain.
Now, in the state that has been compared to 2004's Ohio, Coffman is throwing out thousands of new voter registration forms through a minor technicality.
While this may anger you in a general way, it angers me personally even more. You see, while working on a voter registration drive to get Obama elected,my team and even me personally have registered numerous voters, and have heard from many voters, especially in our African American communities "this will be my first time voting", and to know now that they are going to be turned away at the polls, along with all of the other people registered by Rock the Vote, ACORN, the Obama Campaign and the Democratic party, makes me sick to my stomach.
Read more for the background on this story and Coffman's outrageous ruling to disenfranchise voters.

Hollywood says: "Don't Vote"

take 5 minutes and watch.
that's it.

DiCaprio, Whitaker, Silverman, Hoffman, Kiedis, Foxx, Longoria, Berry,DeGeneres,Usher,Maguire, Kutcher, and Moore, and more...
Even Kevin Bacon...
the way to get you to register to vote...
pretty cool

The GOP plan to steal the 2008 election

The 2008 election is coming up fast. In the past 2 cycles, there have been misdeeds both before and after the election which invariably have unfairly awarded the election to the Republicans. There have been names of infamy associated with this: Kathryn Harris, Secretary of State of Florida - Ken Blackwell, Secretary of State of Ohio - and this year, that name is going to be Mike Coffman, Secretary of State of Colorado. Colorado you ask?
Yes, according to Stu Rothenberg's What's the Top Electoral College State This Year?, Colorado is now THE swing state as Florida and Ohio were in 2000 and 2004.
And as in past with past swing states, the Secretary of State, Mike Coffman, has been engaging in activities that call into question the veracity of the voting process in the state that could decide the election. (Hattip to Brad Friedman for presenting on voter fraud at Colorado Rootscamp last year)


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