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Want Maddow and Olbermann? Then this cannot happen

I was just reading several blogs and saw this great diary from Icebergslim, (good to see you) and I noticed the back and forth about Olbermann and Obama.
While surfing the blogs related to this, I was alarmed by this story on Huffington Post
about the Comcast takeover of NBC and by that I also mean, progressive television on MSNBC.
So you are thinking "Comcast, so what?"
Well, there have been diaries here about Comcast removing MSNBC from the regular cable line up - in favor of Golf TV or Food Network or for whatever is not the outlet for our progressive voices.

My email to Rep. Larry Kissell on HR 3962

In 2007, I was fortunate enough to become a 'reporter' by way of becoming a radio talk show host in Colorado. I began interviewing candidates in Colorado and had several candidates on my show who went on to successful victories. And, being an ex-Pat from North Carolina, I took time from my vacation and family visits in NC to seek out NC candidates like Larry Kissell.
During my interview with him, I was very impressed with his statements on supporting the working class families in NC-08 that had lost their factory jobs and were working 2 and 3 jobs just to make ends meet. So I am frankly stunned that he would be on the fence on the current health care bill, when these same families are the ones more likely not to have good health insurance.
the letter I wrote him follows:

Congressman Kissell,

Priests being told to preach against Healthcare reform

The US Catholic Conference of Bishops is telling priests to oppose health care reform in upcoming weekly masses with both leaflets and in sermons - by saying that it will provide for abortions.
This is a lie and a shame for all Catholics and people who view providing basic health care to the 47 million without health care in the US a moral obligation.

As President Obama stated in his address to Congress, the health care bill does not provide money for abortions.

"As you have done to the least of these, so have you done unto me"

Story here

Catholic pastors directed to distribute anti-health reform materials at mass

by John Tomasic

a Human Rights Petition to President Barack Obama

The United States Senate is starting the debate on the Kerry Boxer Bill to address Climate Change.
This bill, addresses many issues such as funding Alternative Energy sources (including billions for 'clean coal'), increasing US security, and creating jobs.
But this legislation is missing a key element : language addressing Climate Change and human rights.
For Environmental Refugees both within the United States and internationally, Climate Change means losing their homes, land and culture. And because people displaced by Climate Change have no legal status, they have no recourse for their losses.

Defining Justice for Environmental Refugees

When will the time come that Climate Change talks will start considering Human Rights over Business rights?
There is a growing group of people in our world who are in a legal limbo,
Environmental Refugees.
Even though there are hundreds to thousands of people currently being displaced by Climate Change, they do not have a defined status as a group, hence they are not really 'refugees.'
And according to current predictions by Oxfam International, by 2050 there will be 75 million Environmental Refugees displaced due to Climate Change. Other models are predicting up to 250 million people.

North Carolina funded to lead in Sea Level rise research

Many of us have some information from the scientific community about the changes caused by global warming. Growing up in North Carolina, one can see the changes of sea level rise over a 10-20 year period quite easily. North Carolina is home to some of the most unique and fragile land formations in the coastal area, the Outerbanks.

About the study:

After being identified as one of the three states most vulnerable to sea-level rise by NOAA, the state of North Carolina has been allocated $5,000,000 in funding to perform a risk assessment and mitigation strategy demonstration on the potential of sea level rise and the impacts directly linked to climate changes.

Newspaper shill: Sec. Salazar's wind plan=dark ages

Last Week, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar made a bold proclamation about wind energy.

"The idea that wind energy has the potential to replace most of our coal-burning power today is a very real possibility...It is not technology that is pie-in-the sky; it is here and now."

Wow, that is good to hear. But if you read Vincent Carroll of the Denver Post, you'd think Ken Salazar is just some country bumpkin whose ideas on wind energy are a prescription for the middle ages. Really? Hmmm ... It seems he gets his conclusion by 1) attacking Al Gore and 2) by cherry picking his information from Energy officials, and citing no renewable energy experts. Way to do your work Mr. Carroll. Shill work.

The Fastest and we should be the Furiest(esp.w/George Will)

With the economic troubles facing almost every sector of our economy, our government has had to prop up the banking industry and most recently, the Automotive industry.
I was originally all in favor of supporting GM's Volt project as a way to 'Buy American' and still am to some point.
In the back of my mind I kept thinking about 'who killed the electric car' and why that technology, which GM had created a decade ago, is not part of their solution now.
Ok, so I am no engineer, maybe there were lots of flaws with that car.
But when I see that John Wayland can build a record breaking electric muscle car in his own garage, then I get upset that we can't invest in that technology...
video of the 0-60 in 3 seconds electric car below...


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