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Week in Review

Well this week has certainly flown by! With all that there was to see and do, I missed a few things along the way (and maybe some of you did as well). SO, let's see what happened:

Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) had brain surgery due to a congenital defect in his brain, thereby prompting all the talking heads to discuss the implications to the Senate (and nary a peep about him or his family)

Senator Johnson

Michelle Malkinwald has been offered (and has accepted) a trip to Baghdad to see first hand all the wonderful progress that has been made and NOT reported by the main stream stenographers, er, media


First Mannequin Laura irate that the MSS are not giving the Commander-in-Chimp a fair shake in the polls (2 out of 10 approve of his handling of Iraq, who are these dumbfucks?), vows to go on offensive

Butterscotch Pie

As C. Diane requested, here is my grandmothers recipe for butterscotch as scribed by my mother. I know I promised last week to have it, however my mother would only send it by snail-mail, as they have no DSL or high speed like ol' Chuck Taylor and Verizon promised to provide(another blog). OK here it is:

1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons butter (the REAL thing)
4 tablespoons cream

Cook this mixture until thick and brown, the more brown it becomes, the more it tastes like butterscotch (Caution! Make it too dark, and you'll spend a good portion of the day reading the newspaper, if you catch my drift). Mom and dad use their iron skillet (frying pan), so I would suggest the same

Christmas Desserts

Every year at this time I look forward to the inevitable glut of goodies that pour forth from my mom's kitchen, such delicacies as butterscotch pies, five-day cake, stack cake, black walnut cake and the only variety or fruit cake I've ever been able to eat (it's an old mountain recipe). As with most working folks, I don't get a lot of time off, so I have to eat as much as I can in a compressed amount of time. The first time my in-laws tasted some of these delicacies, I ended up with nada to tide me over the new year, but I was glad someone got to try what is a dying art. My mother got her butterscotch pie recipe from my paternal grandmother (it's encased in cellophane and in her own handwriting. The five day cake (which I can only have very little of because I'm allergic to coconut) she got from her sister (who passed away 8 years ago).

As if she were not embarassing enough..............

First off, I'm a first time poster here (read it daily) and a native son who returned to NC from Colorado about 6 years ago. Now on to...........

Flip on over to KOS for this little tidbit:

The basics are that Liddy has run the NRSC into debt,and has had to send an email to the R
faithful asking for the change in the couch. Dang, that's too bad. I wonder if this makes her
appear weak enough for Etheridge and McIntyre to tackle?


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