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It's not my fault

I guess I should have known the story we saw flare up Sunday regarding the abhorent conditions that our wounded troops have to endure at Walter Reed would eventually come down to "not my fault". Over at the Dark Overlord's website, one of his minions, BarbinMD brings us news of how this whole clusterf*** will play out in the future (and by doing so does not support the troops).

The transcript of an interview by Judy Woodruff (formerly of CNN) depicts how far individuals will go to avoid responsibility. Notice I did not say blame, hell I get blamed for crap all the time. Responsibility is when you know you screwed the pooch, admit it, and take steps to rectify the damned situation. The folks at Reed seem to want to pass the buck in true Bushonian style, "not my fault". See the evidence here:

What the Bush war has wrought

It was only a matter of time until something like this happened. As has been discussed here yesterday and the day before here and here and here, our troops now face even more peril and the deliberate underfunding of VA and military healthcare will only exacerbate this problem.

The effects of chlorine gas can be deadly if enough is put into a confined area. The time has come to remove our troops from Iraq.

S117 The Lane Evan Act

Over at the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America website there is information on a bill introduced by Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Barack Obama (D-IL) which will establish manadatory mental health screenings for veterans returning from Iraq/Afghanistan.

It's a start. If you'd like to see the bill go here.

As this is a Senate bill (I have not seen a similar bill coming in from the House, but I guess it can't hurt to call them up to have them submit that bill as well) here are the telephone numbers for Dole and Burr:

Elizabeth Dole: 202-224-6342
Richard Burr: 202-224-3154
(NOTE: I know we are the "online community", but when a lot of people call in and express their opinion, it makes a more of an impact, but emails are also welcomed I'm sure)

Undue Burden Indeed

Over here at MSNBC the AP reports that small towns are having to shoulder the burden of KIA's in Iraq. I think that this is relevant to NC as we have so many small towns where young people fresh out of high school have few choices/options (the Observer had a report on a young man from Pineville who died in Iraq, sorry no link). If you're poor or middle class, college may be out of reach for you unless you don't mind graduating under a mountain of debt or decide to join one of the four branches (or the CG) to get money for college.

Problem is, this is exactly where the neo-cons want poor people. A no-win situation between $5.75 or signing up for active duty. And if your loved one happens to die in Iraq, how much will Uncle Sam put up to see that they receive a proper burial? Here's one example of how that scenario is playing out:

Harrisburg gets it

Harrisburg is a sleepy little bedroom community that is learning how to deal with growing pains. Having been targeted by Wal-Mart for a SUPERCENTER (and we know how those behemoths gut a town), there were some pretty heated discussions and votes which kept Wal-Mart and it's anti-environmental practices out of the town.

However, the fight was not over. Lowe's Home Imporvement wanted to cash in on the booming housing market (think of all those home repair/upgrade projects) by having a store in town. After an initial vote, in which opponents of the measure walked out (a classic Rethuglican move, one of the key votes was absent that night, so they rammed it through). Well it came up for another vote and was rejected. Now it seems that the developer bringing in the home improvement giant just doesn't want to let it go and is contemplating filing a suit. I personnaly shop here, as the folks are friendly and the store is locally owned (heck, they even helped me out to my truck with some things I bought there recently).

Why would anyone choose to serve? - Open Thread

What greeted me this morning was just another reminder of the folly that is was Republican rule. And if you heard some of the rumors that the Bush budget over the next couple of years is actually cutting funds for veterans makes my stomach hurt. What away to start off a Sunday. Consider this an open thread to vent your anger..............

From the "You gotta be sh**in' me file"

Over at the Dark Overlord's website, comes word that the Earth does not revolve around the sun. Huh, ummm, well, shit.

How do you argue intelligently with people who are so fracking dumb they spout nonsensical bull-shit such as this? I mean, really, how do you talk to people that are this ignorant?

OK, that's it. It's 5:00 somewhere over the Atlantic (unless time zones are BS too, crap, if the Earth does not revolve around the sun, how can I know when it's beer-thirty?). Fuck it, I'm gonna crack a cold one anyway. Stoopit Flat-Earthers.

Bringing Down the Hammer of God (on BoA) Part Deux

I received a reply from BoA yesterday on an issue I posted about here and my wife posted about here (slightly different account and language, but you all should get the drift), in that my interest rate DID NOT change. So all I had to do was take two hours out of my day to fight the machine. Scratch one up for the little guy.



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