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Book Burning- Bush Style

How do you fake science? How do you foil evil-doer environmentalists from using facts, data and written observations from de-railing your attempt to de-regulate polluters? Easy: Destroy the evidence, or, in this case, throw out over 30 years of research!

My Service

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While not born on the 4th of July, patriotism runs deep in my family (the real kind, not the yellow ribbon magnet variety). As I listed previously the service of my family (too tired to find the actual post), my father and his father were the greatest influence on my decision to join.

My father, had he not been given a medical discharge for a destroyed knee (he's on his 2nd titanium knee now) during the Korean conflict, would have been a lifer. His sense of duty, honor, country was instilled in his two sons. I went Army, my brother Air Force.

Gag Order

Now I'm not one to go about sticking up for federal employees, as I worked on-site as a contractor at a federal facility, where some of the folks I worked with were what I termed "professional welfare recipients" due to their utter lack of work (not all of them, but close to 40% of the folks I knew). However, I will defend them against what I found from the Environmental Resource Center, and it's a doozy:

Federal climate, weather, and marine scientists will be subject to new restrictions as to what they can say to the media or in public, according to agency documents released by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Under rules posted last week, these federal scientists must obtain agency pre-approval to speak or write, whether on or off-duty, concerning any scientific topic deemed “of official interest.”


Bringing Down the Hammer of God.... The Trilogy Ends

Well, as they say, "this too shall pass", and quite frankly, it's about fraking time.

When we last left our hero (well, anti-hero actually), he was busy trying to slay the beast known as BoA (Bunch of Assholes) over a dispute on interest rates (see here). Well it was at that time that the wife and I decided to rid ourselves of those life-blood sucking leeches and move on to another bank. Only one thing stood in our way: selling our home in Raleigh (which if I posted about that it be nothing but profanities, literally). Well as this is the fourth scheduled closing (that's right, the fourth closing), and it appears this one will stick, we can give the heave-ho to BoA. Here is the latest trick they pulled:

Circuit City........the New WalMart

Over at MSNBC, Circuit City announced that they were going to replace up to 3,400 workers, and replace them with lower paid newbies.

Now I can understand a business letting their employees go due to bad economic times, people are not buying your particular brand of shite anymore, what-have-you. And it's not unheard of in other sectors of the workforce (that aren't unionized), but this is retail, which I'm sure at one point, we've all worked in a chain store, or some retail operation. You are typically paid minimum wage, or commission if you break sales over what it would take to pay your paltry 40 hours at 5.15 (if you even get 40 hours). Does anyone else see this as a bad way to recruit and keep talented (and motivated) sales people?

And you thought it could not get

any worse for our men and women in Iraq/heading to Iraq, BarbinMD throws gasoline on the feelings I have for the sitting Deserter in Chief and contempt for the Congress that was sent a message return receipt, and won't open the door to sign it for fear of being called unpatriotic by the Rethuglicans and the main stream stenographers.

What is it going to take Congress? Two-thirds of the country, two-fraking-thirds want an end/withdrawl. WE, THE PEOPLE own this country, not you fat cat wanna-be heroes. At this point, I'm disgusted with the whole lot, Republicans AND DEMOCRATS if they choose to not FORCE the ISSUE. The AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE BEHIND YOU. STOP. THE. FUCKING. WAR.

St. McCain hits the Big Time - Endorsed by Burr

Well I guess Burr just delivered NC to St. John McCain who has asked for one more Friedman Unit on Iraq. Says the saint:

I read the polls more than you do," he added. "We know that the American people are frustrated and sad. I think that's the best way you can describe the mood of the American people about Iraq.

Ummm..... no dipshit, we're fucking pissed. We want this nightmare to end, fucktard. But please, by all means, continue on your present course (sinking in the polls) and encourage the rest of your repressed neo-nerds to follow.

I guess Burr is putting his finger in the wind (and you don't want to know where that finger has been) and, as usual, is completely clueless. Although, maybe whorein' for the saint might get him a seat at the big boys table and just maybe named Archbishop.

It's Not My Fault Part Deux-Bonus Pre-Friday Decompression

Well I never thought any one would ever, and I do mean ever, take responsibility in this administration. I wonder who's nuts got put in a vise to fire this ass-clown?

I'm under the weather today (caught the crud from my lovely wife), so it's a bonus post with pre-Friday decompression thrown in, ab-so-lu-te-ly FREE!

This is for all the "Bruce" fans out there. Born in the USA was one of my favorite albums that he made. It's kind of a downer, but it speaks to what I see when I look around and the working man/woman losing his/her shot at the American dream and getting the shaft. I guess it goes with the flu and the rain.


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