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12 year old students tackle amendment one (video)

Just to share this 4 1/2 minute video following middle schoolers from Carolina Friends School sharing their views about amendment one.

From the intro of the video:

In a small school a little north and a little west of downtown Durham, N.C., a group of eleven-, twelve- and thirteen-year-olds has been busy organizing a field-trip.

Watch as a middle school's gay-straight alliance, GLOW, for Gay Lesbian or Whatever, embarks on an adventure in civic engagement with real consequences for many of the club's members.

"They don’t really see kids as having an idea of how they want their future to be like," said Sarah, a GLOW member, "but when we actually voice our opinion it really does make a difference."

Brad Miller for NC Governor - Announcement Soon!

Bob Geary of reports that we should expect to hear from Brad Miller soon about wheter or not he will enter the race for NC Governor. You can read about it here.

The article quotes Miller:

"I've gotten a lot of encouragement that I haven't solicited," he says. "I'm thinking very hard about it. I know I need to make a decision very quickly."

Was it all a Dream?

"Was it all a Dream?" of course is the opening line of Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 911. I love that quote because it reminds me to put things in perspective.

Putting things in perspective as Election Day 2010 approaches is a good thing (lol).

Organizing For America is inviting us to revisit and reignite the temper of the times of Election Day 2008.

North Carolina was and is "in play" as a Red State that turned Blue in 2008.

And we have not forgotten and we are not going back.

Medicare Buy-in and Budget Reconciliation: Making Lemonade Outta Lemons

Cross posted at Daily Kos (w/ poll)

Stardate September 1, 1997.

The Kaiser Foundation releases Publication 1318: "Retiree Health Trends And Implications Of Possible Medicare Reforms" with an analysis of a legislative proposal to change the age eligibility of Medicare and include a "Buy-in" provision.

A legislative proposal to change medicare eligibility offered through Budget Reconciliation.

Be forewarned that your diarist is not an expert on legislation or healthcare or insurance matters; Just a citizen wondering why we can't have a crappy HCR Bill AND Medicare Buy-in (through subsequent legislation).

Stardate January, 2010 State of the Union Address.


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